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Ferguson Damage Post Verdict

Ferguson Is Burning

Ferguson Is Burning. There were scary images in Ferguson last night as we watched the city burn. Two men, one black and one white, ignited a firestorm that swept across the nation. Chances are, if you are white you see Darren Wilson as a heroic officer who risked his life and Michael Brown … [read more]


Seven Tips For Teaching Kids To Be Thankful

Do you ever feel like you pour your life into to your kids but they don’t seem to appreciate what you do? If you get the sense that your kids are not thankful for what you give them, you may be giving too much. Worse yet, you could be giving them a sense of entitlement. The bottom line is … [read more]

Stop Saying Thank You!

Stop Saying Thank You!

I was making my rounds following the 11 AM service to saying ‘Thank You’ to all of my small group leaders. I entered the classroom of our 5th grade boys and I shook Guy’s hand and said ‘Thank You’. I started to release from the handshake but Guy hung on to my hand, looked me in the eye and … [read more]


What Do You Do When Everybody Starts Quitting?

I still remember the day I changed my strategy for recruiting and training volunteers. It was a cold winter morning in 1987 and I had just accepted a new position as a kidmin pastor at a church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was frustrated because yet another volunteer had informed me they were … [read more]

Business Communication Duplicate model

It’s All About Who You Know

"It's all about who you know" I first heard this statement from a pastor’s wife. She was commenting on how her job was too political. The inference was that people were promoted to positions of leadership, not based on their character or abilities, but simply on whom their friends … [read more]