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We’ve All Been There…

Face it... We have all been where this kid is in the picture above, so scared we look like a cardboard cutout at Target. As a children's pastor I wanted to make sure my kids knew they didn't have to be afraid or full of fear. That's why I wrote the series "Fear". I wanted my kid to be … [read more]

Building Your Team

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” What was Jesus doing when He said these infamous words? He was building His team. “I have chosen you. You have not chosen me.” This tells me that Jesus was selective about who was on His team. … [read more]

Let The Children Lead

  “A little child shall lead them.” Isaiah 11:6 There are leadership gifts inside the kids in your class. It might be the kid that is trying to take over the class. One thing about leaders is that they want to lead. Something inside them tells them, “You are a leader.” I did not … [read more]

I’m Looking For Some Guinea Pigs…

We have been hard at work on the new Kinder Church 2.0. Now I just need some guinea pigs. Not the cute cuddly pet, but churches who are willing to be beta testers for the new Kinder Church 2.0. Here's the deal... I'm looking for a few good churches. This is what I am asking of … [read more]

Revival At Kids Camp

One of the most powerful services I ever was part of was at Kid’s Camp in 1986. I was Kid’s Pastor at a church in Oklahoma, and I had invited my friend, Bill Bush, to be the guest speaker. The first service did not go very well. I didn’t think much of it. On the second night of camp, Bill … [read more]