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Are You Working Too Much?

Are You Working Too Much?

Are you working too much? I recently asked the following question on Facebook. “Are you full time and how many hours do you work each week?” The average answer was 51 hours. Not surprisingly, I came to the conclusion that many of us are working too much. I don’t have any problem … [read more]

North Korea Blog

Did The North Koreans Take Down SuperChurch.Com?

Our entire site went down a few days ago. I typed in the letters “SuperChurch.Com” and up came the following message. “FORBIDDEN – You do not have permission to access” What? This is my site and I suddenly am forbidden access! Who would do this? Then it dawned on me. … [read more]

Is Your Kid Ministry Failing?

Is Your Kids Ministry Failing?

Is your Kids Ministry Failing? Think about the kids in your class. Get their faces in your mind. Now, imagine it is ten years in the future. The kids in your class have graduated from high school. How many will still be in church? The truth is that most churches are losing the kids … [read more]


New: Looking Forward In 2015

One of my favorite times of the year is New Years Day. It is not because of all the great movie marathons on TV. So... What makes New Years Day grand? I enjoy it because it is new! This time of the year is full of dreams, hope and optimism for what lies ahead. Think for a … [read more]

The Emotions Of Christmas

The Emotions Of Christmas

Christmas is a high-risk holiday. Many times I have had my expectations really high only to be disappointed by others. There have been more than a few Decembers I have drove hundreds of miles through inclement weather asking myself questions like, “Why am I doing this?” Let me explain. I … [read more]