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Should We Talk To Kids About The Virgin Birth

Should We Talk To Kids About The Virgin Birth?

As an eight your old boy I remember singing the line from Silent Night “round yon virgin, mother and child” and thinking, “What is a virgin?” When I asked adults the question, “What is a virgin?” they just avoided answering it. I feel like we do children a disservice when we don’t answer their … [read more]


Love Will Lead You Home

$499 Of Resources For $99! We've put together an amazing Movie Night Kit that makes it easy to host an event for your community full of over $499 of resources for just $99! We have produced a full length feature film called "Prodigal". Hosting a movie night is the perfect outreach to your … [read more]

Should Santa Go To Church?

Should Santa Go To Church?

Last year, on Christmas Sunday I was visiting a new thriving church in the Twin Cities. I was surprised to see Santa in the lobby. Kids were waiting in line to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas and to get their picture taken. I have never seen Santa at church before and didn’t even … [read more]

Giving Hope To Broken Families

Giving Hope To Broken Families

Giving Hope to Broken Families My junior year in high school was not a good year. It was a dark time for me. My Dad had recently gone through his second divorce and was trying hard to raise four teenage boys as a single parent and deal with his own depression at the same time. I was … [read more]

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Is Less Really More?

IS LESS REALLY MORE? Do kids need less of the Bible or more of the Bible? Chances are you answered more; however many churches have bought into the strategy of teach less for more. At Super Church our strategy is to teach more for more. More God More Jesus More of The Bible More … [read more]