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Seven Deadly Sins Of Children's Pastors

Seven Deadly Sins Of KidMin Pastors

People that head up children’s ministry in churches are a dedicated bunch. They genuinely love God and kids. They are hard working and underpaid, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. I see a lot of people that get into children’s ministry for a few years and then bow out. The vast … [read more]

what does jesus want for christmas

What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?

Imagine for a minute that it is your birthday and your best friend has planned a birthday party for you. You are super excited as you arrive at your party. Everybody is having a great time, but for some reason no one talks to you. When it’s time for gifts, your friends give gifts to one another, … [read more]

how to talk to kids about homosexuality

Christian Parenting: How to Talk to Kids About Homosexuality

The worldview about homosexuality is changing. Homosexuality used to be a subject we did not talk about with kids. People understood it is important to protect the innocence of children, but things have changed. Yesterday the Nickelodeon Channel broadcast a half hour special entitled, “Coming … [read more]

turn volunteers into leaders

How to Turn Volunteers Into Leaders

Not all your volunteers will become leaders. In fact, most volunteers do not want to lead, they just want to follow. Followers are people who want to follow. They don’t want to make decisions. They want someone to tell them what to do and they will do it. Leaders are people who want to lead. … [read more]


10 Leadership Principles

I have made lots of mistakes in ministry, but here are ten leadership principals I have always tried to follow. 1. Get there early. A leader arrives first. It is disrespectful to consistently arrive late. 2. Set a quality example. Be what you want people to do. 3. Praise your people for … [read more]