Big Summer Sale

We know that the summer months are busy with lots of events, camp, and VBS. But it is also a time of planning for the upcoming school year.

That is why we have the Big Summer Sale!

Everything on our site is on sale! Buy One Get One Free!

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There are so many ways you could take advantage of this crazy sale!

  1. The Red Book.  Buy this Amazon Best selling book, get one free. Many churches are using The Red Book to disciple their entire leadership team. It is a great way to get a large quantity at a great price! Buy 10 get 10 free.
  2. Buy Grow Up, and get Faith for free! Grow Up is a 12 week curriculum all about growing strong in God. And Faith is a great follow up for the Grow Up curriculum.
  3. Buy Kinder Church Jesus and get Kinder Church In The Beginning for free!  Jesus is a four week curriculum that talks about who Jesus is and what he did. In The Beginning talks about who God is and the creation.
  4. Buy a year of Super Church and get Kinder Church for free. Did you know that our Kinder Church 2.0 curriculum line up perfectly with our Super Church 2.0? You could teach the same thing in your grade-school and preschool classes. They have the same points, just Kinder Church is broken down into preschool sized bites. For example, Super Church 2.0 Agape correlates to these three Kinder Church 2.0 curricula.

This sale wont last forever! Get yours today!

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