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We’re giving away to ONE lucky winner $2,500 worth of KidMin & leadership resources.

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All the curriculum in the giveaway is jammed packed with awesome multi-media elements to grab the attention of kids in your elementary AND kindergarten classes.

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We’ll pick ONE lucky winner to receive ALL of these resources for their Kidmin:

1 Year of the new Kinder Church 2.0 Curriculum (Ages 3-5) – (Includes Titles Subject To Future Release)

Grow: Grow strong in God.

Listen: Be quick to hear.

Change: Let God transform You.

Love God: Experiencing the God kind of love.

Love Yourself: Letting God’s love transform me.

Love People: God’s love in action.

In The Beginning: The God story.

Jesus: Who Jesus is and what He did.

What’s Next?: What comes after salvation.

Lost: For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.

Connect: Drawing close to God.

Choices: Teaching kids to make wise choices.

Christmas Curriculum ($50 Value): Focusing on the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus.

Over 2 Years of Elementary Curriculum (Ages 6-12)

The Core: The central and innermost parts of Christianity.

Grow Up: Growing strong in God.

Agape: A new kind of love.

Prayer: Talking to God and listening to God.

Leadership: A little child shall lead them.

Faith: Confidence that what we hope for will actually happen.

Holy Spirit: Kids don’t have a junior.

Finding God: What to do when God seems far away.

Road Trip: Enjoying the road trip of life with God.

Happy, Happy, Happy: Choose happiness in everyday life.

Best Friends Forever: Making wise choices on who we become Best Friends Forever with in life.

Fruit:  Walking in the fruit of the spirit every day.

Think: Thinking and believing Jesus Christ is Lord for yourself.

Kids Need The Gospel: Sharing the most important message with kids, the Gospel.

Happy Birthday Jesus: Focusing on the true meaning of Christmas and give Jesus the presents he desires from us .


5-Day Vacation Bible School (Ages 6-12)

Choice Wars ($99 Value): God set Adam up in the garden of Eden with everything you could imagine. There was only one thing God ask him not to do, and we all know Adam chose not to obey God. Adam chose to disobey and eat of the fruit in the garden. We have the power of choice in our lives. Just like Adam, we have choices we face every day. The great thing is that we can choose, we have the power to choose. It is in your hands. Inside each of us there is a war, a choice war, to do the right thing or the wrong thing. In this 5-day Vacation Bible School your kids will join Dr. Rubenstein in an Adventure in Time to stop the evil principal Chordsnaffle from taking away the power of choice!

Prodigal Feature Length Film Movie Night Kit ($199 Value) – Dove Foundation Seal of Approval 5 out 5: Levi Layton is eighteen years old and tired of his life, and the expectations of being a preacher’s son. Despite being very close with his father when he was a kid, Levi and his father Steve have grown distant, and Levi finds himself wanting more for his life than their small town can offer. As he dreams of a way out, Levi receives a large inheritance and he, his girlfriend Abigail, and his best friend Tyler discover their chance to get away from it all. Eighteen years old, and armed with one hundred thousand dollars, a life of fast cars, raging parties, and new friends is just a midnight escape away.

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The winner will get ALL of these awesome books:

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