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Training Volunteers in the 21st Century

training volunteers

People are busier than ever. I used to train my volunteers at monthly meetings on Sunday night, but it’s hard to get people to show up for extra meetings. I had to figure out how to train my volunteers in small doses. Now, I do all of my training in three bite-size nuggets. 1. The […]

Break the Volunteer Cycle

I have had several different jobs, and with that several different types of bosses. One of my jobs, I worked at a daycare.  It was a well-respected daycare franchise, my bosses were very friendly and nice. But I only had a total of 2 hours of training, and by training, I mean they had me […]

The 5 Parts of Kinder Church 2.0

Kinder Church 2.0 is full of entertaining and educational teachings written specifically for Preschoolers. Your Preschoolers will leave every Sunday morning ready to learn more about Jesus. CLICK HERE to see all of our Kinder Church 2.0 Curriculums. P.S. Kinder Church 2.0 is HALF OFF until May 15, 2017!