Q: “Can I see you Statement of Faith?”

A: Of course you can! Here is a link to our Statement of Faith: View Statement of Faith

Q: “What is Super Church 2.0 Scope & Sequence?

A: You can read our Scope and Sequence HERE.

Q: “What comes in Super Church 2.0?

A: You can read our curriculum instructions, it goes into detail about each element that comes with Super Church 2.0.

Q: “Help! I have purchased Curriculum, but have misplaced one of the discs.  Can I buy a replacement disc?”

A:  Yes, you can!  We sell individual replacement discs for our customers who have purchased the curriculum in the past.  The cost is $10.00 per disc.

Q: “What if I don’t like my purchase? Can I return it?”

A: Yes, you can if you bought a physical DVD. Unfortunately, we do not offer returns for digital download.  We do offer a money-back guarantee (minus shipping charges) if the DVD’s and CD’s are returned undamaged within thirty days of original purchase.

Q: “Do you have any curriculum that is designed for children in pre-school?”

A: YES! We are in the process of developing a pre-school curriculum called Kinder Church 2.0 that mirrors our elementary age curriculum Super Church 2.0. You can check out our current releases and future releases by clicking HERE!

Q: “I have multiple classrooms that need to use the Curriculum.  Can I make copies of the discs or do I need to purchase multiple quantities?”

A: We understand that your children’s ministry is on a budget, so feel free to make copies of the discs – providing they are used in only one church location. If you are needing to purchase for multiple satellite locations, please call us at 952.767.3002 to learn more about special pricing!

Q: “I ordered a download in the past and can’t find it.  What can I do?”

A: If you have set up an account, Log in to your account on our website via the MY ACCOUNT tab.  It should be listed in your order history.  If you do not have an account or can’t log in, please contact us by email at