Do Your Words Hurt Others?

The Bible is very clear about the words that we say. But somehow, in our culture today, what we should say and what we do say has become lost. The truth is that people can hurt people with the words they say. There was a saying when I grew up that went like this, “Sticks […]

Jocks, Freaks, and Geeks

We hear a lot about bullying these days. The truth is that there have always been bullies since the days of Cane and Abel. I will never forget the day that one of my church kids looked at a handicapped 9 year-old girl who was visiting and said, “Do you know that you are ugly?” […]

Take Time To Listen

Once kids begin to develop their devotional life by reading their Bible, it is also vital to teach them about prayer. In teaching kids about prayer, you want them to know that it is not all about what they say but also about what they hear. Prayer is also listening. It is important to take […]

Watch Where You Step: Object Lesson

Free Object Lesson, Watch Where You Step. Follow your heart.

What You’ll Learn: Follow Your Heart What You’ll Need: 12 eggs 1 tarp 2 blindfolds paper towels 2 contestants Preparations: Place the tarp on the floor in front of the class. Place eggs all around the floor on the tarp. Instructions: 1. 1st contestant walks across the tarp without any assistance.  (Teacher can even deliberately place […]

How Come Kids Don’t Read Their Bible?

One day I asked for a show if hands in children’s church. “How many of you read the Bible every day or your parents read the Bible to you?” Out of 200 kids in my class only 30 hands went up. This was not good news. When I am having an 85% failure rate I can’t blame […]

Fact or Fantasy: Object Lesson

Scripture reference: 2 peter 1:20-21, “Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of scripture ever came about by the prophets own interpretation. For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” (NIV) What you need: • A Bible • A fictional children’s […]

No More List of Sins To Avoid

I was flying back from a meeting one night, changing planes in Chicago. Waiting at the gate for my plane, I soon realized that the Vikings had just played the Chicago Bears in Chicago. The plane that I was on had all the Vikings fans on it. I like football, I watch football, but I’m […]

Power Tools For KidMin

Reaching Kids With The Gospel One challenge I have found as a Christian is to connect people (who are always changing) with a God who never changes.  The Apostle Paul said it like this, “I become all things to all men that by all means I might with some.” If we want to reach children […]