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How to Remove Biblical Illiteracy from your Ministry

Children in our churches are becoming increasingly unlearned as far as the Bible is concerned. I hear many KidMin Leaders complain about the problem — mainly because there is no starting point. I have taken that as a personal mission to do whatever I can to become part of the solution. Here are a few of my […]

11 Things You Can Do To Make A Kid’s Day

Make A Kid's Day

When children walk into your ministry area, you should be the most exciting, most encouraging, most “want-to-be-around” person they encounter! Here are a few things you can do to make a child’s day in your KidMin: Smile at them and let your eyes light up when you see them Look them in the eyes when […]

Making Children’s Church Better

I’ve taught a lot over the years on the structure of a children’s church. I believe in it!  It’s a place where kids are gathered corporately and worship, learn and fellowship. Those of you who have a Large Group/Small Group format can still benefit from this information as well as those who have a major […]