10 Leadership Principles

I have made lots of mistakes in ministry, but here are ten leadership principals I have always tried to follow.

1. Get there early. A leader arrives first. It is disrespectful to consistently arrive late.

2. Set a quality example. Be what you want people to do.

3. Praise your people for doing good. Catch them doing something right. If all they hear is correction they won’t think they are doing anything right.

4. Seek to understand, then be understood. Put yourself in the shoes of your followers.

5. Delegate responsibility. Spread leadership around. It’s risky but not as risky as doing everything yourself.

6. There is a difference between delegating and dumping. Delegation is about developing people. Dumping is about getting through your to do list.

7. Do not ask people to do something that you are not willing to do yourself.

8. A good leader has the interest of his people at heart. It’s not about what is most convenient for you.

9. See people beyond where they are at. A good leader knows how to pull gifts out of people.

10. Communication is a two way street. Take time to listen.

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