How to Have a Creative Meeting

How to have a creative meeting

Creative meetings are great for any and every kids event you do. Some of the best ideas I have had has been in a creative meeting.

Creative meetings are not like other meetings, you have to have specific rules, that every will follow.

When you are assembling your creative meeting it is important who you bring to the table. You might already have a creative group, like a puppet team, or drama team that you can pull on. Or you might have to make your own group.

If you can find people in your ministry that are already creative that is great! If not, that is fine, you can teach them to be creative.

Just follow these simple rules:

First off, there is no bad idea. In fact, I have had a lot of great ideas started off as ‘bad’ ideas. The point is to just get the ball rolling.

Don’t ever make fun of someone who came up with a ‘bad’ idea. You want people to feel comfortable in making contribution, no matter how far off they may seem. Because, that ‘bad’ idea may inspire someone else to have a great idea.

Second. One person needs to be the bookkeeper.

This person has a list of things that need to be talked about during the meeting. It is their job to keep the group on task.

It can be so easy to go down a rabbit trail in these types of meetings, and if there is no one there to keep everyone on track your meeting could turn into a waste of time and everyone will spend half an hour microwaving Swedish Fish. (Yes, I have been in a meeting where there was no bookkeeper and we tried microwaving Swedish fish, I still have a burn scar from that) But it is vital to keep this group on task. So this person needs to be comfortable in telling the group to reign it in, and you need to listen to this person.

Third. Have fun! These meetings can be so much fun and you can get some great ideas from them. Sometimes, if the group is brand new and they don’t know each other it might be fun to take 5 minutes and do an icebreaker / stretch your creative muscles. Show a funny video, do some adult coloring, or just play an icebreaker game.

Here is a list of 5 ways to stretch your creative muscle.

How do you make meetings creative?

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