Are your Kids Online Services working?

Just like you, I am streaming an online kids service each week. The big question I have is, “Am I reaching kids and their families?”

  • Is there a way to tell?
  • How do I get my kids to engage and make a comment on my kids online service?

This sounds easy, but is it?

I have been teaching from Super Church 2.0 Finding God and when I use the Review Questions, I get engagement.  The kids respond with answers. But, I don’t just stream it, I have two of my KidMin Leaders asking the questions, reading the answers and throwing in some friendly banter.

Once I started do this, I started to see the kids respond.

Watch this weeks Living Word Kids Online Service and you can see the Review Question segment in action.

This weekend I’m teaching from Finding God, Lesson 5.  

For more information about Super Church 2.0 Finding God, CLICK HERE.


You can share pieces of Super Church Curriculum on-line, through social media, video kids services or direct links to your parents until June 30 – royalty free.

The only thing we ask is to include the following statement. 
“Copyright Mark Harper Ministries. Used by permission.”

Let me know how it works out, and how you are reaching your community?

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