6 Ways Kids Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

As many of you know, Hurricane Harvey hit fast and strong. As I was sitting on my couch yesterday, scrolling through Facebook. I saw image after image of helpers.

I love this quote from Mr. Rogers, that during any tragedy, that his mom told him to “Look for the helpers.”

I am not currently able to go to Texas to help people escape their homes. But that does not mean that I am unable to help.

Let’s teach our kids to reach out, to be the helpers of the world.

Houston has a long road ahead of them. Yes, they need immediate help right now. But, they will also need help, 3, 6, 9, 12 months from now.

Kids are a lot stronger than people think. Be sure to talk to your kids about what is happening in Texas. Tell them that people have lost their homes and everything they own. However, tell them about the helpers. Give them hope. Teach them, that they can make a difference in peoples lives.

Here are 6 ways that kids can help Hurricane Harvey Victims:

1) Offering.
Take up an offering. You may not raise a lot of money, but you are teaching them to be compassionate, and you are empowering them.

2) Care Packages.
Gather supplies to make care packages. Gift cards, toiletries, socks, blankets, snacks, diapers, & many other things. Have kids put the bags together, and write a note to whoever is getting them.

3) Lemonade Stand.
Encourage your kids that they can raise the money themselves, with the help of a parent. They could make a lemonade stand where all the proceeds go to Hurricane Victims.

4) Yancy.
Our Friend, Yancy, is selling Superhero capes where all the proceeds are going directly to churches that she has visited that have been affected by the Hurricane. They are only $10, and super fun! CLICK HERE to learn more. (this has ended)

5) Adopt a church.
Find a church that has been affected by the hurricane and Adopt them for 6 months or a year. What does that mean? Well, it can mean whatever you can do to help them you will do it. Make a commitment to give X amount of money every month for the next year. Pray for them every Sunday. Have your youth group go down during a break in school and help them with anything they need. Have the kids in your Kidmin write letters to their kids. At Christmas, send care packages. On Valentines Day, send cards. The churches and people of Texas will need out help for a long time to come. Let’s surround them with support and our prayers.

6) Host a Diaper/Formula Drive.
These are two things that I noticed a lot that people need. Host a drive at your church.The Texas Diaper Bank located in San Antonio needs diapers and wipes, and these are things that normally do not get donated during a disaster. You can mail them to 5415 Bandera Road, Suite 504, San Antonio, Tex., 78238.

You may be able to do all six of these, you may be only able to one. But do something! It may be small right now, but you are teaching the kids in your class how to be helpers and how to be empathetic. You are empowering them to be compassionate and proactive.

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