7 Tips for Starting a Worship Team in your KidMin

Do you remember your first couple of weeks as the KidMin leader? Expecting everyone and their dog to come volunteer at this incredible ministry God had laid on your heart, only to discover most adults wanted to stay in “adult” church. Hmm.

Well, when the adults are away, the kids will play.

Let me tell you about my leadership team:

I have one adult. Her name is Kathy and she is incredible. She adds a motherly presence to the group and our ministry would not be able to operate without her.

The rest of my leaders are kids.

We have a live kids worship team. No canned music, no YouTube videos. KIDS leading KIDS into worship.

  • Katie- Keys and Lead Vocals. Katie is in 6th grade. She is one of two worship leaders. She has an incredible voice and a mature presence on stage. Without hesitation, she invites the kids to worship with her. She loves the Lord and loves to lead.
  • Evan- Electric Guitar and Vocals. Evan is in 7th grade. He is the second worship leader. His guitar skills are coming along. Can he shred? Not yet. But he will because he’s getting a jump start on the rest of his friends his age playing Guitar Hero on Xbox 1. Evan has an incredible heart to serve.
  • Landon- Drum Pad. Landon is in 7th grade. He plays percussion in band at school. Hasn’t quite mastered the drum set yet, but he can KILL it on the drum pad (electronic drum head with four different panels, it has four different sounds, and you hit the panels with the drum sticks).
  • Zoe- Vocals and Motions. Zoe is in 5th grade. You thought I forgot about motions, didn’t you? That’s right folks, this side of the Mississippi, Zoe makes the best kid motions around while worshiping Jesus. Why? Because she’s a KID.
  • Bobbi- Vocals and Motions. Bobbi is in 4th grade. Bobbi is the kid who’s like, “I’m an introvert” and then jumps in front of her peers to do motions and sing worship songs. It’s the Holy Spirit, folks. And she listens to Him! God is good!
  • Aaron- Keys. Aaron is in 7th grade. He can play a mean “Heart and Soul” and loves having a outlet to use his gift.

Not musical? Kids lead in other ways as well:

  • Ben- Tech and Sound. Ben is in 6th grade. He does not like the stage at all. However, the kid picks up Apple products pretty quick. He runs my PowerPoint every Sunday like a pro and controls our iTunes Pump-Up playlist when kids walk in. Our ministry would not be the same without him.
  • Kami- Welcome and Check-In / Memory verse prep. Kami is in 7th grade. She checks the kids in using our church iPad and the app called “MinHub”. I highly recommend it! Kami is an incredible servant leader.
  • Skyler- Memory Verse Motions. Skyler is in 5th grade. Every week, she makes up the motions for our memory verse on the spot! Her energy and enthusiasm are priceless.

By now, some questions and objections have probably popped up.

You have 7th graders in KidMin? That’s cheating! They’re too old!

Great point! We have our kid worship music at the same time as the adult worship music. After the worship music is done, the 7th graders leave the kids and join the adults for the lead pastor’s message. Since the 7th graders are old enough for youth group, they get to worship in the congregation there.

How do you find time for this? When do the kids practice?

Many of the adults on the adult worship team are the parents of the kids worship team. The adults show up on Sunday morning for worship practice before the Sunday AM service. The kids are already there, so they practice too!

But they’re just… kids. You actually trust them?

I trust the Holy Spirit inside of them. Have there been growing pains? Is God glorified with kids using their gifts and talents for Him on a weekly basis? Yes!

Final tips for getting kids to lead kids:

  1. Pray about it.
  2. Talk to the youth pastor about where his leadership weaknesses are. Build on those.
  3. Develop a clear, leadership handbook that renews every school year. Have the kids and their parents sign it. The handbook should include: KidMin mission statement, leader expectations, Bible devotional accountability (the YouVersion Kids Bible App is great of young readers!), definition of a leader, KidMin honor code (think 10 Commandments for kids), etc.
  4. Look for who is already leading. Create a position for them!
  5. Look for who is “bored.” Get them leading!
  6. Talk to your worship pastor about giving basic music lessons. They will reap their investment 5-10 years down the road when the kids are on the adult worship team.
  7. Ask around! Chances are a kid is taking piano lessons, guitar lessons, something! Plug. Them. In.

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