Are You Equipping Your Kids?

A few years ago I was listening to a tape by Bob Yandian.

One day, Bob received a phone call from an elder of an independent church that he had attended as a child. The elder informed Bob that they were closing the doors of the church and he was looking for another church to donate the building to.

When Bob entered the church building it was like walking into a time warp. The church had the same furniture, carpet and decor that it had forty years earlier. The pastor’s guitar was on the platform just like he remembered as a child. The only people left in the church were the five elders who were all in their 80’s.

Bob looked at his church staff at that time and said, “This is not going to be our future! We are going to change.”

The truth is the world is always changing because each generation changes it.

Our challenge is to connect people, who are always changing with a God who never changes.

If we refuse to change we lose a generation.

We need to be MODERN, but we also need to be DEEP!

“Feed the flock of God which is among you.” – 1 Peter 5:2

The first thing Peter tells pastors to do is to “feed the flock”. This is the primary responsibility of a pastor.

One trend that really concerns me today is that many newer curriculum do not teach the deep things of the Word.

The world is getting bolder with their message while the church is getting more timid.

Children don’t need less of God’s Word today – they need more. Jesus commanded us to “preach the gospel to every creature.”

If it’s in the Bible you can preach it to kids.

Most children under the age of eight cannot read yet, so they are totally dependent on someone else to feed them. Think about it. For many of the kids in your class the only meal they get is what you are preaching. Make sure you give them some spiritual meat and potatoes and not just dessert.

We want kids to have fun at church, but it’s not just about having fun. We need to give them something to fight the enemy with.

We need to be MODERN and we need to be DEEP

If it’s not DEEP, why do it?

You and I are in a battle for the souls of our kids.

We created Super Church & Kinder Church 2.0 to help you win this battle.

Super Church & Kinder Church 2.0 will help you to focus on God’s Word for your kids.

Super Church & Kinder Church 2.0  will help you to keep beating the drum about the things that really matter in life.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that your kids will believe, but if you teach Super Church & Kinder Church 2.0 to your kids we do guarantee that they will know how to defend their faith if they choose to believe.

Right now you when you buy a year of Super Church 2.0 (you pick the quarters) you get a year of Kinder Church 2.0 completely free.

In March, when you buy 1 year of Super Church 2.0 you will get 1 year of Kinder Church 2.0 completely free!

That’s $600 worth of curriculum, we just want to be a blessing and want your kids to have the best preschool curriculum available.

All you have to do is select what units you want to teach from Super Church 2.0 (The Core, Agape, Grow Up, Prayer, Leadership, Faith, Holy Spirit and Finding God) that makes up a year and checkout.

Once you checkout we will take care of getting you the free year of Kinder Church 2.0.

What are you waiting for, this is a limited offer get yours today!

One thought on “Are You Equipping Your Kids?

  1. Patricia R Gifford says:

    Amen Brother !! I have been using your curriculum in several churches where I have been the Children’s Pastor for most of the 35 years ! I know you haven’t been producing your products that long – but I STILL recommend and use them when asked to help at a new church. The Holy Spirit breathes on the work you have done and increases it making it workable in any age or ethnic group. I have waited much too long to tell you !! There are also times where I have been inspired (and awakened in the middle of the night to write down what God is speaking to me for the children) and with God’s leading, I have come up with creative lesson plans. There is NO END to the creative ability that Jesus imparts to us who need it and WANT it !! Thank you for your faithfulness !! I am now working with a Spanish church (as well as continuing with our Children’s Church). We are very much Holy Spirit driven – but its all about the Blood sacrifice of JESUS !! Glory to HIS Mighty name, Pastor Pat Gifford

    ps. I often will use Betty Lukens materials as added visuals for many of the Bible stories. I had found that the children were bored after being exposed with every kind of electronic device at their disposal, so I tried this. Everything old becomes new again – inner city kids are baffled at how it works and and WANT to try to re-teach the lesson using the mysterious media !! Also, some of services run VERY LONG, so this is an additional way to re-enforce the Word !! God Bless you and your familes in your ministry.

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