Are You On A Spending Freeze?

We sold very little curriculum this past month and I understand why.

My church is on a spending freeze, and I’m guessing your church is too. 

Instead of withdrawing, I want to be part of the solution. 

Here’s what I’m thinking. 

I see a lot of teaching on fear, telling kids not to be afraid. That’s good, but it still doesn’t give our kids positive something to focus on.

This is why I’m teaching on Faith right now. Answering questions like:

• What faith is?

• How do we build up our faith?

• How do we put our faith in action? 

Fear comes from thinking about what the enemy is doing. Faith comes by hearing God’s word. In other words, thinking about what God is doing. 

Here’s the bottom line:

We are giving away our 12-week Super Church 2.0 curriculum on Faith. It is one of our most powerful teachings and we want to do our part to teach kids about faith. 

The Digital Download is Free.

The DVD/CD Rom version is also free, but shipping is $10**.

This free offer is good until April 30.

Also, you can stream any of our videos – online – royalty free until the end of June. 

All you have to do is click the link and order your FREE Faith curriculum.

*To choose the Digital Download or DVD/CD use the drop down menu on the order page.

*You have permission to use the Video, Digital Review Questions, Memory Verse, Bottom Line and Motion Comic in your on-line services through the end of June, we simply ask you include the following:  “Copyright Mark Harper Ministries. Used by permission.”

**The $10 shipping applies to US orders. Email for International Shipping Quote at

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