[FREE TRAINING] Building A Strong Volunteer Culture

strong volunteer culture

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any KidMin program.

I can survive without money, but…

I cannot survive without volunteers.

When I began in kids’ ministry, I was all about the kids.

I was young and full of energy, so I threw all my passions into the kids.

I viewed volunteers as people who were assisting me so I could teach the kids.

I know this seems harsh, but there were times when a volunteer might approach me with a problem, and I viewed it as a distraction from my ministry to the kids.

The Holy Spirit would whisper to me, “This is ministry too.”
See, it’s all part of your ministry because you belong to Christ; and Christ died for your kids, your volunteers, the parents, and even your pastor.

As I matured as a leader, my thinking began to change. I still love preaching to kids, but I get more fulfillment out of training others to preach to kids.

I call it “double-dipping.” The kids get ministered to and the volunteer grows at the same time.

It’s important that you create a strong volunteer culture in your kids’ ministry.

So I’m excited to announce I will be leading a FREE ONLINE WEBINAR where I will share with you how to build a strong volunteer culture in your kids’ ministry of people who will hold the rope for the kids in your ministry.

This webinar will be 45 minutes long and I believe it is something that every kids’ ministry leader and pastor needs to discover.

The stronger your volunteer culture the stronger your team will be.

Join me on Tuesday November 15th at 2 PM EST.


Thank you,
Mark Harper

P.S. If you are busy during the week, don’t worry if you register you will get a replay link sent to you AFTER the webinar is over so you can watch it on your own time!

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