Can Faith Work With Doubt In Your Head?

doubting pictureHave you ever prayed a prayer and had this thought? “I don’t think God heard my prayer. It doesn’t seem like anything changed.”

Sometimes people say things like, “I believe in God, but I still have doubts.” It is okay for you to have doubts.


In fact, it is very normal for your brain to have doubt.  The key is what you believe in your heart?

Faith is a heart thing, not a head thing.

You will never be able to figure out God with your head. You could never explain to an ant about how big the world is. The world is beyond the understanding of an ant. In the same way, God is beyond the understanding of my head. This is why the only way to get to God is through faith. We believe that God is real because the Bible says that He is. Belief in God is an act of faith.


Faith will work in your heart with doubt in your head.

Sometimes people will ask, “What if I still have doubt in my head?” That is okay. It’s normal for your mind to have doubt because your mind will never understand God. Just make a decision to take that step of faith and stop thinking about your doubts. When the mind contradicts what the Bible says, make a choice to believe what the Bibles says, not what your head is telling you.


Real faith changes things.

Sometimes people will ask, “How do I know if I believe in my heart?” If you really believe the Bible, you will do what its says. If the Bible says, “Go to church.” Then you will go to church. If the Bible says to read the Bible, then you will read the Bible.

James 1:22, tells us to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. If we just hear the Bible, but we don’t do it we have deceived ourselves. This doesn’t mean you will be perfect, but it does mean you will do what the Bible says.

Have you ever had doubts that challenge your faith?  If so, what’s your story?



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