Do you feel like you are starting all over again?

5 Leadership Principles – as we Re-Open our KidMin

The beginning of this year has been quite the beginning and I have seen the KidMin Community not running from the challenge, but rising to the occasion.  Anyone in a KidMin leadership role has had to adjust, adapt, and learn new skills – sometimes daily. Some kid’s ministries are now opening up, some have opened but have to close (again), some have never closed and some don’t know when they will open. 

During this time, we have all had to change what we were doing and many times without our team.  As churches begin to re-open I want you to know – YOU CAN DO THIS!

It may feel like you are starting all over again (and with new rules and guidelines).  I encourage you to remember why you are doing kids ministry in the first place. 

God has placed a vision inside of you to reach your community.  He has already equipped you and He will continue to expand your dream, while giving you the ideas on how to do that. 

One of the biggest roles we have as children’s ministry leaders, is to LEAD.

Bringing your team back and leading them is important in your children’s ministry moving forward.

I want to share with you Five Leadership Principles to refresh you, as we begin to do our ministry in a new way.

1. Set a quality example. Be what you want people to do. Be an example to your team and your kids.  You pretty much have been already doing this, and I just wanted to give you a shout out. 

Even though it may have seemed no one was interested in your on-line service, your emails, cards or packages you sent, they were.  We don’t do, what we do, for a pat on the back.  We do what we do, because God has called us.

All of those little details you were attending to, were received, and noticed (even if nothing was said).

2. Set new, attainable goals.  Whatever you have had planned for July, August and the rest of the year has changed.  Some things have had to be dropped completely, and other things have been added.  In the midst of the challenges you have had, begin to set new goals that you can reach.  Even if it is a small thing.

Remember to “Write it down” and send it to all of your team members so you can begin to grow together again.

3. Communication is a two-way street. This is a big one. Let everyone know what is new, different and expected of them and take time to listen. Build time for listening. Make sure you are communicating the changes and adjustments, as many ways as possible, with your team and parents.  Send an email, make a graph, have changes posted in class for parents and team members. (Don’t make the mistake in thinking one email covers it.)

Allow yourself to listen.  When listening, don’t get trapped, right before church.  There may be questions not addressed already. Have a note pad handy and if parents or volunteers have questions, not easily answered, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, to listen to questions and concerns. Talk it through with them – later.

4. Praise and encourage your team. Catch them doing something right. One of the most important things you can do for your team is to reinforce and build up them up.  Everyone has had challenges to face, personally (some you may know, some you may not know).  Make sure every person who steps up to assist and help you, knows how much you need and appreciate them.

An in person “Thank You” goes along way.  You can also send your volunteers notes surprises. 

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5. Learn to Delegate again. Spread leadership around. It can be risky, but not as risky as doing everything yourself. Enlist others to help you. This is so important.  If you are the leader in your children’s ministry, you want to make sure that you are not “tied down” so you are able to lead volunteers, greet kids & parents, and answer questions with your KidMin re-opening.

Delegation is about developing people, not dumping on people. Dumping is about getting through your To-Do List. You can begin to build your team up again and spreading around the leadership will help you do that.

Psalm 37:23, “The steps of a man are ordered by the LORD who takes delight in his journey.”

You Got This!

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