Do You Have A Growth Track For The Kids In Your Ministry?

I’ve got a few questions for you today.

Do you want your kids to grow up spiritually?

Do you want to see tangible results of the inner change happening in their spirit?

Do you want lessons that teach applicable principles for your kids to grow?

I’m imagining your answer was YES.

I have an 18 month old daughter, Andrina, I lovingly call her Andi. (see picture below)

Andi just had her 18 month check up at the pediatricians office.

I imagine many of you are familiar with check ups and how they chart a child’s physical health and growth.

My wife and I got a plan from the pediatrician to keep Andi healthy and growing. It had things that she should know how to do. For example, she should be able to say 10 – 20 words. She should be able to run. She should be able to do pretend play.

My doctor pointed out, that if she can’t do some of the things on the list, that we should start working towards those goals.

As children’s pastors we need to have the same mindset for the spiritual health and growth of the children in our ministry.

In our elementary classes, kids are beginning to take responsibility for their spiritual growth and they need to understand how to keep growing in the things of God.

This is why we developed our 12 week series GROW UP 2.0!

The world is getting more and more complicated, but a relationship with Christ can be summed up in five basic steps.

1) Born Again – I want my kids to do more than repeat the sinner’s prayer. I want them to have a real relationship with Christ.

2) Read The Bible – We need to teach kids about the
importance of reading the Bible, but we also need to build Bible reading into our programs. If kids do not learn how to read the Bible they will never become a disciple of Christ. (I do this in my small group time.)

3) Go To Church – God speaks to us at church. He speaks to us through our leaders and our friends. I see a lot of people beating up on the church today, but I have observed when people stop attending church, they begin to grow weak spiritually.

4) Prayer – Prayer is not just talking to God. Half of our prayer life should be spent listening to God. God speaks to us during our prayer time.

5) Obey – God speaks to me through the Bible. God speaks to me at church. God speaks to me through pray, but I really start to grow spiritually when I obey God and do what He says. Strong disciples are people who hear God’s voice and obey. They may be 10 years old or they may be 50 years old. Age is not a requirement for spiritual growth. Obedience is the requirement for spiritual growth.

Here’s the first six lessons:

Lesson 1: Don’t be a Baby

Lesson 2: Born Again

Lesson 3: Read the Bible

Lesson 4: Do What the Bible Says

Lesson 5: Guard Your Heart

Lesson 6: Pray Everyday

I’ve got some great news…

Until July 28th, 2019, you can get the 12 week unit GROW UP 2.0 for  $99

It gets even better…

We will ship your 12 week unit of GROW UP 2.0 to you for FREE!

Don’t delay, start developing your growth track for your children’s ministry today!



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