Happy Father’s Day

I’d like to give a SHOUT OUT to all the Dad’s out there.  You take the extra step, give the word of encouragement, help when help is needed and you are there.  Thank You!

I’d like to take a moment and tell you about my dad, Roland Charles Beam – the best Dad, ever!

I got my curly hair from my Dad.  Which in the 80’s, the naturally curly hair did well for me, with the big hair look.  (They say it’s coming back.)

My daughter told me that when she and her brother were kids, they could always find me when went to the zoo or a theme park, they just looked for the big, poofy hair. (Hmmm.)

What He Did – My Dad was a mechanic.  He could fix anything.  You name it, he could make it work again. I remember what a shock it was, when Mark and I were first married, when we had to take our car to the shop, I had never had to do that before.  Dad always fixed it.

My Dad helped us move, every time we moved, and we moved many times.  This is how it would go.  I would call my parents.  Talking to Mom first, I would tell her where God was leading us next, she would get excited and we would talk it all through.  When we were done, she would go get my Dad.  I would say, “Dad, we are moving.”  He would say, “When?”  I would tell him and he would say, “I’ll be there.”

He helped us move so many times.  Often, I would feel guilty of taking him away from my Mom or his job.  He never complained.  He always came and drove a truck or pulled our car. 

He passed away several years ago.  At his funeral many of his friends came up to me and said, “Oh, you’re the daughter that lives in Minnesota.  Ron would always talk for weeks about his trips with you. He love every minute of it.”

I thought that I was imposing on him, but really I was making his day, his week – his month.

Who He Was – My dad was the guy that knew everyone and everyone knew him.  He had a gentle soul. He was not overbearing, did not get in your face.  He didn’t say much, but when he would speak up that was a time to listen.

Before Mark and I were married, we ran into a confusing situation. It was really throwing both Mark and I and we weren’t sure what to do. We talked things over, but there continued to be nagging feelings.  

At that point my Dad chimed in. 

He said, “This looks to me like it is a great opportunity. I don’t see why you wouldn’t do this.  I look back in my life and there were opportunities that I didn’t take.  If this looks good to you, then maybe you should do it.”  

His encouragement moved us into the plan that God had for us.  I miss my dad, but I am so thankful for all of the wisdom he shared with me. He was the best Dad, ever!

So, to all you Dad’s out there – you do make a huge difference in the lives of your kids.  The things you do (helping them build a fort or when they are older helping them move) and things you don’t do, that impact their lives in ways you don’t know.

Psalm 103:13, “As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him.”

3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Marisa lorick says:

    Beautiful story. Moved me to tears. My dad passed 2 years ago and I miss him greatly. it really is the little conversations and moments together that matter so much. Missing him soo much right now. thank you for sharing.

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