Have you thought about TRAINING your Kid Leaders?

Being in KidMin requires that we wear multiple hats in our role.  There are loads of things we need to put our time into every week, because Sunday is coming.

I know what that is like. 

You are driven by your passion to minister to kids.  Simple. But what it takes to have a great Kid’s Ministry takes a lot of time and consideration.

One of the biggest challenges we face in children’s ministry is our volunteer force.

Who is on our team, who is helping us, who can we rely on are all big questions we ask ourselves every week.

We have found a great way to ensure we have quality team members to help do our ministry every weekend.

If you are interested read on.  But, I want to give you the heads up, it does take some work and planning. 

“It’s easier to do just do it myself,” is something that you have to lay down.  It is easier to do things yourself, but if you do everything, you aren’t developing others.

If you want quality ministry to kids, you need to involve other people, and one of the groups we invest in every year is our 4th and 5th graders.

When Mark and I first started in ministry, we were at a church in a college town.  We needed a team of volunteers and reached out in the fall and began training our new team in drama, puppetry, worship and lead teaching.

But when summer came around, we found that all these great people we had invested in left.  They went back to their home towns and moved on.  We were left with huge holes again.

Mark tells his story different, but basically, when talking to the Lord, He said, “Train the children.”  There was a struggle going on, “Because how do you do that? and, “Can you even do that?”  Eventually that is exactly what we did.

We began to train and mentor the 4th and 5th graders and teach them how to do drama, worship and puppetry.  We had regular practices each week and ministry responsibilities on the weekend. 

It worked!  Guess what happened in the summer?  We still had a team.  In fact, they helped us in the summer do our Vacation Bible School, Summer Camp and other outreaches.

We have learned and grown from that first ministry team, but the principles are the same.  If you train them they will lead.

I have something you might be interested in. 

We’ve taken the basic principles in leadership, that we have taught our ministry teams over the years and have put them in curriculum form and it is available to you.

Super Church 2.0 Leadership is a 12-week kit that teaches kids how to:

  • Follow The Leader
  • Be Committed
  • What does Serving look like?
  • The Right Response to Correction
  • Pull Your Own Wagon
  • You Will Get Shot At – what to do when that happens
  • Teamwork
  • Leading from The Middle
  • Think Like a Leader
  • Run Your Race 

There are kids you minister to every week, that you could be training in ministry.  When you teach Leadership, it will plant seeds in your kids and it will inspire your adult and teen leaders already involved.

Super Church 2.0 Leadership is $149 and shipping is free.

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Order today and start training your new leadership team.


Have you thought about getting kids involved in ministry at your church, but weren’t sure how to start.

We have put together an eBook which gives you step by step ideas how you can start your own Ministry Team.

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