How to know who your young leaders are

When you talk about leadership, many people will say, “I’m not a leader” so they check out. Sometimes kids will say, “I’m too young to be a leader.”  But God does not judge us by how big or old we are. 

When Samuel was choosing a new king for Israel, God told him to choose David, the youngest of eight brothers.  Even David’s father didn’t bring him to the first try out because he thought, “David’s too little to be king.” 

God doesn’t look at us like other people look at us. 

God judges us by the character of our heart. 

  • Are you honest? 
  • Are you kind to people?
  • Are you full of fear or courage? 

Leadership is the ability to influence others. 

Have you ever talked somebody into something?  We actually all have at one time or another.

Have you ever watched a movie and told somebody, “That’s a good movie?”  What were you doing?  You were using your influence. 

Everybody has the ability to influence, so everybody has the ability to lead.  It might be one-on-one, or it might be with a large group, but everybody has influence.

When you look at your kids church:

  • Do you know who your young leaders are?
  • If not, how do you find young leaders?

One of the ways that I have found young leaders is to teach about leadership in my kid’s church.

Here are the six steps that I use for developing leadership gifts in kids:

1. Identify your leaders.

Who are the most popular kids in your class? They currently have the most influence.

2. Give them something to do.

Greet new kids, be on a ministry team (AV, Worship, Drama), pray with kids, help in set up etc.)

3. Listen to your young leaders.

What ideas or suggestions do they have?  It doesn’t mean you have to do them but you are allowing for input.

4. Affirm their ideas.

Nothing is more rewarding to a leader than when you take his or her idea and do it.

5. Teach them about servant leadership.

The biggest part of leadership is what happens at the back of the room, not on the platform.  There are many behind the scenes tasks to be done each week.

6. Leading and following are connected.

Teach that if they want to lead, they need to follow.

The easiest way that I have found young leaders is to first teach them. 

That is why I wrote the Super Church Curriculum Series on Leadership.

This is 12-weeks of leadership training for my kid’s church.  And the great thing is that while I am teaching the kids how to be a leader, I am also teaching my volunteers.

This series is $149 for 12-weeks of leadership training.

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If you are looking for young leaders this is a curriculum for you.

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