Jesus Our Example (Sunday School Object Lesson)

Teaching children the importance of the cross.

Scripture Reference: John 15:13

Materials Needed: Large wooden cross, wooden mallet, large nails

Preparation: Place wooden cross in full view of children.  

Central Truth: Jesus is our example of love.

Object Lesson:

When you see a cross what do you think of?  (Allow children to respond.)  A cross reminds me of Jesus.  What happened to Jesus on the cross?  Jesus died on the cross, but he did a lot more.  He gave His life on the cross for us.

Jesus didn’t want to die on the cross.  But He knew He had to.  No one would have  been able to go to heaven if Jesus had not died on the cross.

On the day that Jesus was crucified, Roman soldiers came and made Him carry His own cross.

(Put the large cross over your shoulder and start walking around the room.)

Jesus was tired and wounded.  He had just been whipped.  But they made Him carry His cross.When Jesus came to the top of the mountain, they laid Him down on the cross.  Then they took the nails and nailed His hands and His feet to the cross.  While Jesus was hanging on the cross, He looked down at the soldiers and what do you think He said?

(Allow children to respond.)

I would have been very upset and mad.  I would have been angry at these men.  But Jesus said, “Father forgive them.”

Why did Jesus die on the cross?  Because He loves us.  Jesus told us that we are to love one another, just like He loved us.  How did Jesus love us?  He died for us.

How can we do this?  Because Jesus told us we could.  He told us to love one another just like He did.  So whenever you see a cross, remember that Jesus died for you and for me.  He died so we could go to Heaven.

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    • Super Church says:

      Hi. The Agape 2.0 series uses candy every week. Each lesson has a feature candy. There is a short film featuring the specific candy, also an object lesson and then you can hand out pieces at the end of the lesson. (Example: Lesson 4:Selfishness is Absorbed in Love, Object Lesson is Chocolate Selfishness using Hershey’s chocolate kisses and the Short Film is called “Hugs and Kisses”. Is this what you are looking for? Blessings Debbie

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