What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?

Imagine for a minute that it is your birthday and your best friend has planned a birthday party for you. You are super excited as you arrive at your party.

Everybody is having a great time, but for some reason no one talks to you. When it’s time for gifts, your friends give gifts to one another, but nobody gives you a present.

It’s hard to imagine a birthday party like this, and yet it happens every year on December 25th. We say that Christmas is the day that we celebrate Jesus birth and then we tend to ignore Him.

Children especially have a tendency to get caught up in the gift giving, but the reality is most of our kids are thinking, “What am I going to get for Christmas?”

I am not saying that we should not give gifts to one another on Christmas day, but I am saying it’s secondary to what we are to give to Christ.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What does Jesus want for Christmas?”

What do you buy for God, who has everything?

The streets in Heaven are paved with gold, what could Jesus possibly want for Christmas?

There is really only one thing that Jesus wants for Christmas. Jesus wants you.

Of course He wants other people too, but you cannot give other people to Jesus. You can only give yourself.

You can exhort and challenge others to give themselves to Christ, but that begins by giving yourself fully to Christ.

In a practical sense, how do I give myself to Christ?

  • I give myself to Christ by giving Him my time, my talent and my money.
  • I give myself to Christ by serving others instead of serving myself.
  • I give myself to Christ by living a holy life in an unholy world. I give myself to Christ by slowing down, turning off Facebook, and spending time in His presence, listening to Him.
  • I give my life to Christ by teaching others about Him.

I love this quote by Billy Graham, “The test of a preacher is that his congregation goes away saying, not, ‘What a lovely sermon!’; but ‘I will do something.’”

This year let’s do more than tell kids the Christmas Story. What if we ask kids to give Jesus a present? And not just on December 25th. Why not give Jesus a present every day in December?

One last thing – the kids that you teach are not going to do this if you don’t do it.

What are you waiting for?

Stop procrastinating.

Write out your Christmas list today.

What are you going to give to Christ?

Mark Harper

Pastor, Filmmaker and Coach, Mark Harper has over 30 years of experience in the local church. He is the creator of the Super Church 2.0 Curriculum, which is used in over 5,000 churches worldwide. The focus of Mark’s ministry is helping leaders build strong churches and helping parents build strong families.
Not only has Mark served in the local church as pastor, associate pastor, and family ministry pastor but he is also a certified coach with the John Maxwell Team.
Mark Harper

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