Do Your Kids Know How to Fail?

Failed TestIt seems like thousands of books have been written about success, but very few books have been written about failure.

The truth is that failure is the pathway to success. At some point everyone is going to have a train wreck in the life, so we need to prepare our kids on what to do after the train wreck.

Here are some tips on teaching kids about failure:

1) Everybody Fails. This issue isn’t “Did you fail?” The issue is what did you learn?

2) Nobody enjoys failure. It’s painful, but if we try to get away from failure too soon we won’t learn from it.

3) Learn how to fail forward. You are going to mess up. We can teach you how to clean up your messes.

4) Failure is essential for success. The people that succeeded them most also failed the most. Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times, but he also hit 714 home runs.

5) Get back up and try again. Go further the next time.

6) Today is more important than yesterday. You can’t change yesterday. You can only change today

7) The best way to teach on failure is talk about your failures. Be transparent. This will give them permission to fail and teach them how to learn from the failures.

What are some of your best failures?

Mark Harper

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