Moms Rock

By Lance McKinnon

moms-rockMother’s day is right around the corner and so are all the gifts they rightfully deserve. I enjoy showering my mother with gifts and showing appreciation for all of the cuts, scrapes, tests, and problems she helped me through while growing up.One of my fondest memories of my mom is when I was between three and five years old. My mom, sister, and I would go around town to the opening of QT gas stations in our little town of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. We didn’t have much as kids and my mom spoiled us with what she could and that was free hot dogs and soda at the grand openings at QT’s! It might be the reason I enjoy a hot dog and soda at QT when I am in Oklahoma.

Another one of my fondest memories is watching my mom work hard to give us a normal childhood by delivering big yellow phone books so we could go on vacation. My mom was a school teacher, but she sacrificed being a teacher to stay home with us while we grew up, so my dad could go to Rhema Bible Training College. I look back at that time and thank God for my mom and what she was willing to give up for us.

If there is one thing that we never outgrow it is being our parent’s children. Yes, we grow older, move away, buy houses and cars. Yet, we still admire our mother’s just as much as we did when we were five. Today I look to my mother for advice and wisdom, though the topics are more complicated in comparison to, “why can’t I have chocolate for breakfast?” with the answer being (in my house) “because you’ll get a stomach ache”.

This year I get to honor more than just my mother and mother in law. I get to honor my lovely wife Melissa. She is having our first child, a little baby girl named Andrina Micou Faith McKinnon. My little Andi as I call her doesn’t know it but her entire name came from amazing mothers in our family.

Ephesians 6:2 says “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise),”

What ways do you plan to tell your mother how much she rocks this year?

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