Movie Review: Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies

I recently previewed Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies. It was a great family film. It follows a strong female lead, Melody and her new friend, Leif, as they learn how to fight off the Ice Dragon.

As a mother of two strong girls, I loved this!

While, it does not come right out and talk about God, or even the Bible. It has clear parallels and it is a beautiful allegory, with good versus evil.

The artwork is beautiful, and the music is catchy. I watched this with my 3-year-old and she was dancing to all the music and loved all the flowers. There was also some humor and some intense action scenes.

Thinking strictly as a Children’s Pastor, I would be cautious to show this at church. Not because it is bad, but because it is not an outright Bible story, just an allegory. There are some intense scenes that might scare younger children. My three-year-old was scared of some parts involving the ice dragon; however, I don’t think preschoolers are their target market.

As a parent, I am excited to have another quality movie to share with my kids that have a strong allegory to Christianity.

If you are looking for something to share with the families in your ministry I would definitely recommend they check this out for two reasons:

1) This is a great way to initiate the conversation about good versus evil as well as start the conversation about what Jesus did for us.

2) It is so important to keep supporting Christians in Media. If we want quality Christian themed movies such as Ice Dragon, then we have to start supporting them.

Here is a link to the website and trailer.

The people behind Ice Dragon also made this beautiful Family Activity Guide. This guide is seriously chock full of the Bible! It has Bible verses and songs as well as some coloring pages. This is a great way to open that conversation that I mentioned earlier.

Ice+Dragon Activity Family Guide

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