Object Lesson: Assembling Together

planeScripture Reference: Hebrews 10:25, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together.” (KJV)

Take Home Point: Get involved in ministry at your church

What You Need:  2 (balsam wood) model airplanes (find at a hobby shop)


  • Assemble one of the airplanes.
  • Open up the second airplane but do not assemble it.


Object Lesson Application:

(Hold up airplanes.)

I have two model airplanes. This one is “assembled” and this one is “not assembled.”

(Put the “unassembled” one on a chair.)

Now this airplane is sitting on a chair in church, but it is not assembled. If I try to fly this airplane it is not going to go very far.

(Pick up the “unassembled” airplane and try to fly the plane by throwing the pieces.)

When I throw this other plane, it will go somewhere.

(Throw the “assembled” plane, then pick up both planes.)

What is the difference between these two planes? One is assembled. All of the pieces are doing something. This one is “not assembled.” The pieces are not working together to make the plane work.

When the Bible tells us to “not forsake our assembling together,” it does not mean to go to church and sit in chairs. God wants you to do something. He wants you to get involved in serving others.

Yes, go to church, but don’t just sit there. Do something. Get involved in ministry.

Taken from Lesson 11 in The Core “Hook Up With A Church”.

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