This Took Me 35 Years To Create

I’m really excited to share with you what has taken me over 35 years to create!

My new book, The Red Book: The Life Blood of Children’s Ministry is all of my knowledge of how to develop and cultivate an effective ministry to children.

The great news is you can buy The Red Book starting TODAY!

Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter to give you a feel for what you will discover in The Red Book.

Begin With The End In Mind

“Think about the kids in your class.

Get their faces in your mind.

Now imagine it is ten years in the future, and those same kids have graduated from high school.

How many kids in your current class will still be in your church when they turn eighteen?

How many will stay in church when they become adults?

Statistics show that 20 percent of the kids that grow up in church will stay in church when they become adults. Eighty percent leave the church they grew up in.
I don’t think that eighty percent of our kids backslide. Many of them are attending other churches or have moved to other cities, but we can be more effective in keeping the kids that grow up in church.
When I first started in ministry, I could not think past the next service.
I would make it through Sunday morning, and I would think, Whew, I made it. But then I would wake up on Monday morning in a panic: Oh, no! It’s almost Wednesday! I could never think past the next three days.
One Saturday night I was desperate. I was not ready for Sunday morning, so I was begging God for a new sermon idea, and I heard these words, “All you have is five years to prepare the kids for their teen years.”
Young children are created with a nature to believe, but during their teen years, their faith will be challenged.
They will start to ask questions like:

  • “Is God real?”
  • “Is the Bible really the Word of God?”
  • “Do I believe in God just because my parents do?”

Eventually, I began to think more long term.

For me “the end” is that the kids in children’s church grow up in church and stay in church when they become adults.

I like what Dr. Phil says, “We are not raising kids. We are raising adults.”
Here are some questions you need to ask:

  • What can I do to prepare the kids for youth ministry?
  • What do strong Christian fth graders look like?
  • What types of skills do they have?

Your list may differ from mine, but this is the list I came up with…”
This is just a small portion of the first chapter!

The Red Book will challenge, encourage and transform your ministry to children.

Here’s What Others Are Saying About The Red Book:

“The Red Book should be on every shelf of every Children’s Ministry leader.” – Todd McKeever, Executive Pastor, First Church Of The Open Bible

“The Red Book is an excellent read for pastors and those in children’s ministry from a voice of experience. It doesn’t just ask questions but provides answers from many years of experience in children’s and family ministry.” – Jerry Moyer, Children’s Evangelist, Jubilee Gang

“This book was a joy to read (this is being said by a person who typically does not *enjoy* reading)! The content is chalked full of not just Kid’s Min theory, but practical and actionable things that you can implement immediately to help you lead your Kid’s Min better, more effectively, and more efficiently so that the kids in your care thrive.” – Mark Feauto, KidMin Leader, Living Word Outreach Ministry

You can buy it right now by clicking on the button below!

Trust me you’re going to love it!

Mark Harper

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