Seven Habits of Unhappy Kids


Unhappiness is a habit that starts early in life and continues into adulthood.

“A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22 (AMP)

If we can teach our kids to recognize these seven unhappy habits and give them to tools they need to change it is

good medicine for their soul.

1.  The Blame Game

Unhappy kids tend to blame others for their unhappiness.

Bad things happen to everybody, however good things happen to everybody too.

Happiness is a choice.

No one can make you happy. Only you can make you happy.

2. Negative Thoughts

Unhappy kids deal with negative thoughts on a constant basis.

Sometimes this is because negative words are spoken over them.

Other times they are comparing themselves to kids who are smarter or prettier.

Either way we can counter this by speaking positive words over them and using them in leadership roles at church.

3. Loneliness

I have noticed this problem getting worse over the years.

When kids get addicted to video games they don’t get the social interaction they need.

Many kids are not developing the social skills they need to be successful in life.

In the real world (no-virtual) there is a lot of truth in the statement, “It’s all about who you know.”

4. Hating School

This leads to hating their job when they become adults.

One of keys to a happy life is to find something you love to do and do it.

5. Anger

Anger is an emotion that we all experience, but it’s hard to be angry and happy at the same time.

Anger is a call to action.

When kids become angry at things they can’t control it sets them up for failure.

6. Complaining

We all need to vent sometimes, but when kids develop an habit of complaining it pushes people away.

No one wants to hang around someone who is always complaining.

7. Wanting More Things

One of the worst habits a child can develop is a sense of entitlement.

This is the attitude that the world owes me simply because I exist.

This is habit is reinforced in American culture because we communicate love by buying stuff for our kids.

One way to counter this is to teach our kids to be givers.

There you have it, “The Top Seven Habits of Unhappy Kids”.



Mark Harper

4 thoughts on “Seven Habits of Unhappy Kids

  1. Shelly says:

    I think it’s important to investigate why students may be unhappy. Sometimes, it’s just a melancholy personality. However, if a child is exemplifying several of these characteristics, there is more likely a situation he/she needs mentoring/counseling to deal with,

  2. Mrs. Rosemary wilkins says:

    I have been using Mark Harper curriculums for over 16years. The results: my kids in children’s ministry have grown spiritually!! Some are now adults teaching kids what they learned as a kid growing up in children’s church. It’s exciting to have a service where kids learn the Word of God thru sermons, object lessons,puppets skits,drama skits etc. it’s not babysitting. It’s life changing material!!

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