Should We Teach Kids About Speaking in Tongues?

Should we Teach Kids About Speaking In Tongues?

That depends.

If your church does not believe in speaking in tongues then you should not teach the kids in your class about it even if you do speak in tongues.

I think most of us understand why this would create problems.

What I do not understand is why some charismatic churches do not teach their kids about speaking in tongues.

I have even heard Kids Pastors say things like, “We teach on the Holy Spirit but we do not teach kids about tongues because it is too controversial.’”


Why is speaking in tongues controversial for a Charismatic church?

Is speaking in tongues in the Bible?

If so, then I feel like I am on safe ground to teach kids about it.

All of the early church leaders spoke in tongues, Peter, James and Paul.

The Apostle Paul even said, “I thank God I speak in tongues more that all of you.”

Of course, we all have seen some crazy things done in the name of the Holy Spirit, but that does not excuse us from teaching the truth to our kids.

I do think that tongues is more private than public.

Like Paul said, we should not pray in tongues around unbelievers or they will think we are crazy, but if we don’t teach on it then we do a disservice to our kids.

The gift of praying in tongues has been a blessing to me in my prayer life.

There have been many times when I found myself praying about things that I didn’t know needed prayer, but the Holy Spirit did.

Has the gift of tongues been a blessing to you?

If so, then I pass that blessing on to the kids that you lead.


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Mark Harper

One thought on “Should We Teach Kids About Speaking in Tongues?

  1. shannon says:

    This is one of the core values that I have never felt like I need to apologize for teaching. A good resource that I use and even give out to kids who have received during a service or teaching time, to take home, just in case there are parents who come to our church unsure about this “tongues” thing is a book by Tim Enloe called Kid Power!

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