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When we entered children’s ministry we were full of ideas.

We had a hunger and excitement to reach the next generation in a new way, but after awhile the passion waned and we got in a rut.

We got in a rut:

  • How we worship
  • How we structure services
  • How we plan for the school year
  • How we plan for events

I could keep going but I think you get the point.

So, how do you get out of a rut in Children’s Ministry?

1. Blow Up Your Service

This is the most drastic change and best way to avoid getting in a rut.

I am an advocate of this one because there is nothing more liberating than a blank slate.

One pastor I look up to is Ed Young of Fellowship Church. He is all about change and I remember sitting in a service where he talked about how often they change their stage design.

He said it would change within the month. I thought to myself in a MONTH that’s CRAZY. I’m not saying change every month but be open to starting from square one.

2. Dream With Your Team

Dreaming with your team members is a great way to get other perspectives on your children’s ministry from those who are just as invested.

It is important to go in to creative sessions with an open mind and let everyone know their ideas are welcome.

This will encourage people to speak their minds and communicate that you value their input.

As the leader don’t take offense if they think change is needed because they are not attacking you but looking to improve the children’s ministry.

3. Read

One of the easiest ways to spark creativity and get rejuvenated is reading.

Blogs by children’s ministry leaders like Brian Dollar, David Wakerley, Sam Luce and this one offer great tips to help break or even avoid being in a rut.

Magazines like Kidzmatter are another great resource to find out what other churches are doing in their children’s ministries.

4. Conferences

I can sense the collective sigh when it comes to conferences but they are an awesome place to go and allow yourself to dream and refine the vision God has given you for the ministry.

The benefits of conferences far outweigh the negatives. Amazing keynote speakers and hands-on Q& A sessions really inspire you to go back and implement change.

My personal favorites are the Seeds Conference at Church On The Move and the Children’s Pastor Conference (CPC).

5. Talk to Your Friends In Children’s Ministry

It seems like a no brainer but we have all been so caught up in what is happening with our church that we neglect to interact with close friends in similar ministries.

They understand the grind and are a great sounding board for ideas that you are thinking about implementing.

As a bonus, they can hold us accountable so we avoid getting stuck!

There are many ways to prevent having ministry become routine, and these are just a few of them that I use to keep it fresh and relevant.

A man I consider to be one of my spiritual fathers says this about children’s ministry, “we are to be conservative in our theology and liberal in our methodology.”

Simply put, we teach the same truths but package them differently. Our kids are changing and we should be too!

What are some of the ways you get unstuck in your children’s ministry?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Get Me Out Of Here!

  1. Josie Sheman says:

    Great information. I recently became Ministry Leader for the youth which have been idle for sometime and i have some great ideas for the ministry but its hard trying to get the youth involved. I;m praying constantly. I feel i;m stuck. Can u help me with some ideas. Thank you

    • Lance McKinnon says:


      One of my favorite areas of student ministry is youth ministry.

      I encourage you to keep praying and I understand that it is hard to get youth involved.

      Especially if that area of student ministry has been non-existent for awhile.

      Since you are starting from square one, I think you need to pace yourself and not try to do EVERYTHING.

      One of the biggest mistakes I ever made as a youth pastor was trying to do things that were too big for my youth group and leadership team.

      Focus on a few simple things that you and your team do well to create a great service. Once you’ve mastered the simple service you will start to see the youth group grow.

      The best part is you’ll have a strong core of youth that want to get involved and are excited about the youth ministry.

      The key is patience it is a long process!

  2. Wendy L. says:

    Think outside the box…use the gifts God has given people around you to minister to the children…don’t underestimate them. They have awesome minds some just need to be sparked more than others. God has made us all unique. Pay close attention to what interests the children and God will guide you with the creativity and mindset you need. Sometimes the children end up teaching us a lesson we never new we needed to learn!

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