Teaching Kids To Honor Their Mom

KIds picture christmas morning
Christmas Gift from Missy (age 7) to her Mom-Debbie

One of the greatest things you can do for families is to teach kids to honor their parents. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to do this.

Whenever I am a guest speaker at a church I pray, “Lord, show me how to increase the love between this Pastor and his congregation.”  I’m not there to just preach a good sermon. I am there to help the Pastor.

Your job is very similar. You want to do everything in your power to increase the bond between parents and their children. Most every church has parenting classes, where parents learn to be better parents, but we also need to teach kids to be better kids.

A KidMin pastor can speak to this issue in a way that no one else can. It’s hard for parents to tell their kids, “You have to honor me.” They need someone else to say that for them. That’s where you come in.

Ephesians, Chapter 6, instructs children to obey their parents and then Verse two tells them to honor their father and their mother. This is not re-phrasing the same command. Honor is higher than obedience. Obedience is reactive. Honor is pro-active.  Also, it’s possible for a child to obey outwardly and be dishonoring inwardly.

Here are ten ways that kids can honor their Mom.

1.  Pull your own wagon. Pick up after yourself, make your bed and do your homework without being told. It’s a big help when Mom doesn’t have to constantly remind you to take care of yourself.

2.  Say nice things to Mom randomly.“I love you,” “Dinner was really good tonight,” “That’s a pretty dress.”

3.  Stop complaining when you don’t get your own way.

4.  Control your temper. Moms love a peaceful house.

5.  Stop fighting with your siblings. If they hurt you forgive them. Don’t bring every argument to your parents. Settle it and move on.

6.  Buy your Mom a carnation. Moms love fresh flowers and carnations are really cheap.

7.  Don’t just do your chores. Pitch in and help Mom with her chores.

8.  Create works of art for your Mom. She will cherish them for life.

9.  Say “please” and “thank you” a lot.

10.  Get rid of the “entitlement attitude.” Mom doesn’t owe you anything. She does things for you because she loves you.


Moms, do you like this list? What would you add to it? What are some object lessons you do to teach kids to honor their Mom?

Click here to download your free Handout, “How I Can Honor My Mom.”

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4 thoughts on “Teaching Kids To Honor Their Mom

  1. Denise Meyers says:

    I am honored when my kids make God the first priority in their lives. Then I know I’m doing my job correctly

  2. Sharlyn Ban says:

    I may need to give this list to my boys and highlight several of them. My boys are pretty good but lack in some areas. Like #1, #6 & yes #7. #7 for sure. I have 4 boys and the oldest is 22 and the youngest is 16.

    Thank you Super Church. Wish I had this list when I was a children’s pastor!

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