Teaching Kids To Overcome Their Fears.

Right now is “Back to School” season and many parents and kids are in limbo. 
With this uncertainty comes a lot of questions and fears kids may face:

  • What will school look like?
  • Do I still have any friends?
  • What happens if I get sick?

Fear comes from thinking about what the enemy is doing. Faith comes by hearing God’s word. In other words, thinking about what God is doing.

I see a lot of teaching for kids to not to be afraid. That’s good, but it still doesn’t give our kids something positive to focus on.
The absolute best way to help your kid’s faith to grow is to teach about it!

Have you noticed when kids have strong faith, they are confident and not afraid?
There are three ways to build up your faith.

  1. By listening to preachers preach the Word of God.  This is where most people start out.  They don’t have any faith until they hear somebody preach the Word of God and then faith comes.
  2. Reading the Bible.  Dig it out for yourself.  The more time you spend in the Bible the stronger your faith will grow.
  3. Speaking the Word of God.  Your faith keeps pace with what you say.  With the heart man believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

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