The 5 Big Questions Kids Ask

The Core answers the 5 BIG Questions Every Kid Asks

Kids are created with a trusting nature, but when they become teenagers they will begin to question what they believe.

If they have been raised in the church they will begin to question what they have been taught by the church.

We already know what their questions will be because this has happening for twenty centuries.

Here are The FIVE Big Questions every kid will ask when they transition into adolescence.

  • Does God exist?
  • Is the Bible the Word of God?
  • Did God create mankind or did we evolve from monkeys?
  • Is Jesus the Son of God?
  • Did God really raise Jesus from the dead?

We know how the enemy will attack. If we are wise we will prepare our kids for the onslaught of doubt that we know is coming.

This is why we at Super Church created, The Core.

The Core is a 12-week Sunday School Curriculum that teaches kids ages 6-11 about the central and innermost parts of Christianity.

Just take a look at the first six lessons:

Lesson 1 – God Is
Lesson 2 – The Bible Is The Word of God
Lesson 3 – God Created Man
Lesson 4 – The Sin Problem
Lesson 5 – Jesus is God’s Son
Lesson 6 – Jesus Rose From The Dead

You and I are in a battle for the souls of our kids.

We created The Core to help you win this battle.

The Core will help you to focus on The FIVE Big Questions.

The Core will help you to keep beating the drum about the things that really matter in life.

The Core will help you show your kids how foolish atheism is.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that your kids will believe, but if you teach The Core to your kids we do guarantee that they will know how to defend their faith if they choose to believe.

We guarantee they will know how to answer The FIVE Big Questions.

If fact, we are so confident your kids will learn how to answer The FIVE Big Questions that if you teach The Core and your kids don’t know how to defend their faith, we will refund your money.

When you purchase The Core, not only do you get 12 powerful lessons, but you also get cutting-edge short films, digital resources, small group curriculum and take home pages for your parents.

Here’s What You Get!

  • 12 Large Group Lessons
  • 12 Small Group Lessons
  • 12 Home Devotional Lessons
  • 12 Adventures Of The Masked Hero Motion Comic
  • 12 Bottom Lines & Memory Verses
  • 12 Digital Review Questions
  • 12 Short Films

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