The KidMin Event Checklist

It can be very overwhelming to plan a large event. So, I have made an event checklist just for KidMin!

On it, I have laid everything out by time, and I have also kept a couple of blank spaces that you can fill in if you need it.

What do you think? Should something else be on this list?


6-8 Weeks Out

  • Figure out the Why. Is this an outreach event, or an in-reach (an event that is just for the kids in the church meant to foster relationships) or, a party for your volunteers.
  • If you have done this even before, or last year. Think back to that event and remember what worked and what needed improvement.
  • Set the date time and location for event. Things to think about when making these decisions, Weekend vs weekday. Is it during a break at school? Is is a national holiday? Are people going to be in town?
  • Who is this event for? Is it geared toward the older kids, preschoolers, or families. Is it a Dad/Daughter event. Should you involve the youth pastor too?
  • Is there a budget? Do you need to raise your own funds?
  • Where is it at? At the church, do you need to reserve the room? Is it off campus?
  • Make graphics, postcards, social media pictures.
  • Will there be food? Just snacks, or a full dinner/lunch?
  • Figure out how many volunteers are needed. Don’t forget about the set up and tear down.
  • Assign people to be leaders for each department. Food, Games, Teaching, Check-In, Volunteer Coordinator, Shopper, Marketer, Photographer (This doesn’t have to be a professional with a DSLR, It could just be a friend with an iPhone, you are going to be too busy to remember to take photos.)
  • (Need some game ideas? CLICK HERE)

4 weeks out

  • Make a Needs List. Food, games, prizes, decor, anything you will need that you do not already have. If your church is set up to do this (Church Community Builder has this option) You can send out a needs list to your church family and they can help provide food or prizes.
  • Contact Local Businesses for donations as well. Make sure to give them credit, either in the bulletin or use a poster at the event.
  • Make a facebook event page and invite everyone you know. Make sure to share it on your personal page too. If this is an outreach, make sure to tell your church family to say that they are going and to share it with their friends.
  • Send out postcards, put up flyers.
  • If you are having the party off campus, make sure to double check with the venue.
  • Have a phone meeting with all department heads. All together or separate if needed. Just to make sure every one is on track.

2 Weeks out

  • Make several facebook posts reminders about event. You can schedule facebook post via the facebook business page. Need some help with your Facebook page for your church, CLICK HERE
  • Send out an email to appropriate people with an invitation to event.
  • Create a playlist on Spotify.
  • Begin making any specific decor needed, or buy decor
  • Have a volunteer meeting. Meet with everyone involved and get them excited for the event.
  • Use every available way to communicate with people. Facebook, Instagram, email, postcards, Most important – Face to face.

2 Days Prior

  • Make a facebook post reminding people about event. This is meant to bring excitement. So post a selfie of you with all the prizes, or post a video of the room all set up.
  • Buy any food or last minutes game needs.
  • Gather all supplies needed for event.
  • Have a check in with all department heads. Finish any loose threads.

Day before.

  • If available, set up and clean the room.
  • Set up games.
  • Prepare any make-ahead food.

Day Of

  • Finish any last minute things.
  • Make sure to enjoy yourself.
  • Take a breath and have fun!

A Couple Days After

  • Have a small party or dinner with your department heads, to thank them and also go around to each person and ask them what worked and what did not work.
  • Send a Thank you note to all department heads. Send a few extra to some volunteers that you noticed who went above and beyond.

The KidMin Event Checklist – CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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