The Number One Job Of A KidMin Pastor


I was a Children’s Pastor for 15 years before I understood the primary purpose of my job.

I thought the main thing was teaching kids the Word of God, but really the main thing is being a conduit of the love of the Father to the kids that you teach.

I still remember the day that everything changed for me.

I was in church. It was toward the end of the service. The Pastor was giving an altar call. The worship team was singing a song entitled “So Come” by Kevin Prosch.

You have taken the precious
From the worthless and given us
Beauty for ashes, love for hate
You have chosen the weak things of the world
To shame that which is strong, and the foolish things
To shame the wise
You are help to the helpless
Strength to the stranger
And a father to the child who’s left alone

Most of the time God speaks to us through what the Bible calls “a still small voice,” but sometimes He speaks to us through pictures. For example, at times during prayer I will see faces of people I need to pray for. I have learned to follow these prayer ques.

I had my eyes closed as I sang the words ‘a father to the child who is left alone’ but on the inside I saw a picture a young boy who looked to be eight years old. The boy was sitting by himself inside a dark house, looking out a picture window at kids and families who were playing outside. He had a really sad look on his face. (See picture below)

father to the fatherless

My first thought was one of human empathy. Suddenly from above and behind I saw a bright light from heaven shine on the boy. When the light hit him, I felt God’s heart for the young boy that had been left alone. It’s impossible to describe in words, but for one second I felt God’s heart for the fatherless. I began to pray and weep for the fatherless children in our nation.

Debbie looked at me and asked, “What’s wrong?” I couldn’t convey to her what I had seen. I just kept praying and crying for about 15 minutes.

As a Children’s Pastor I have always seen myself as an extension of the lead Pastor (which is true), however, most importantly a Kidmin Pastor is an extension of the Father’s heart to the children, especially those who do not have fathers that live with them. If God is a Father to the fatherless, how will they know unless we demonstrate His love in a practical way?

If you have been ministering to children for any length of time you know that there is a spiritual bond that develops between you and the kids you teach. The purpose of this bond is so the love of the Father can flow to the kids that need it the most.

What do they need? They need someone to be there for them. Just like you have been doing week after week. The kids you teach know that when they go to church that you will be there for them, to hug them, love on them and pray for them. They can count on you and it teaches them that they can they can count on Father God.

Keep doing what you are doing. Run your race and finish your course.

Continue to be a conduit of the Father’s love.

Another great way to show the Fathers Love is to teach your kids about it. We have written a 12 week curriculum all about Love. CLICK HERE to learn more

6 thoughts on “The Number One Job Of A KidMin Pastor

  1. Jeanne Bowser says:

    Wow!:) I just read this Mark. It’s powerful and I never quite understood my role till you made it real clear with this picture and blog. Thank you, thank you. Reading this reminded me of a little girl I was hoping to see yesterday. I went to a run down trailor park to bring her a birthday card. I hadn’t seen her in church for awhile and missed her.This is like the story you told about the little boy, except this is a little girl. My heart also goes out to the fatherless. It seems to be an epidemic in our nation.

  2. Rebecca Griffey says:

    Thank you for this! Lately I’ve been wondering why I’m doing what I’m doing. I teared up and this was a strong reminder. It is an honor to show the love of God to these kids week after week. This really encouraged me! Thank you!

  3. Timara Underbakke says:

    Thank you – Ditto for parents… as our kids approach and reach adulthood, it is our job to be that constant conduit of God’s love more than it is our job to train or correct them.

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