The Squirt Gun Fight

The Squirt Gun Fight


A Step Out of Love Is A Step Into The Danger Zone


-4 Squirt guns

– 4 Camouflage T-Shirts



– Pick four kids (before class) to participate in squirt gun fight.

– Have them put on the camouflage T-Shirts

– Fill squirt guns with water



– Divide the four kids into two teams (two kids on each team)

– Give them 3 minutes to squirt gun fight with each other.

– The team that is the driest wins.



(Pick the two kids that were on the winning team.)

Did you notice that these guys were not shooting each other?  They were on the same team.  Everybody knows if you are fighting in a battle you don’t shoot your teammate.

The same thing is true in God’s Army.  We should not shoot at our teammates.  We need to walk in love with our brothers, sisters and our friends.  Sometimes a friend may do something that makes you mad, but never say words like “I hate you.”  That would be like shooting one of your teammates.  Keep your temper under control.  A step out of love is a step into the Danger Zone.  When you step into the Danger Zone it is easy for the enemy to take shots at you.

squirt gun fight - free object lesson

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