Top 5 Reasons why Super Church Curriculum is for you

Are you shopping for curriculum? 

I’ve got a couple questions for you…

  • Have you ever thrown your hands up in the air in desperation while searching for curriculum?
  • Have you ever thought to yourself when you find a great curriculum, “It costs how much!?”

I bet you chuckled and said yes to at least one of these questions.

Here’s the deal, families are coming back to church and it’s time to solidify your curriculum outline for the year.
I’m going to share with you 5 reasons why Super Church is different and should be in your plan for this upcoming year.

 1. Our curriculum has 30 years of proven experience in children’s ministry. 

6230 churches around the world have utilized Super Church curriculum to build strong foundations in the lives of their kids and we not only produce the curriculum, we use it in our KidMin!

2. Super Church is full of God’s Word.

We believe curriculum needs to teach the Word of God. So many of the big publishing companies will water down the teaching for kids, however if it’s in the Bible you can teach it to kids. We have packed our curriculum chock full of God’s Word so kids become spiritually strong!

3. Our curriculum blends media with live teaching. 

Super Church 2.0 curriculum media is meant to enhance the live teaching not substitute for the teaching. Super Church 2.0 is media enhanced, but not media driven. We believe it is important that the few hours we have with our kids not be spent with videos doing all the teaching.

==>> Take a Virtual Tour here and see what’s included

4. Super Church 2.0 emphasizes the work of the Holy Spirit.

We teach kids how to be filled with the Holy Spirit and how to flow in the prophetic. If your church is a spirit-filled or pentecostal church then Super Church is for you! 

5. It’s easy to use.

Trust me, I’ve been there, sorting through all the pages of a curriculum trying to make sense of HOW it is supposed to work.
Super Church curriculum was created with new as well as seasoned children’s ministry teams in mind.  We give you detailed instructions with each lesson.

==>> Check out Super Church curriculum here.

If you are thinking about buying curriculum, I have great news for you.

Super Church 2.0 Year 2 is on sale right now! 

Save $100

Only $399 for a full year of curriculum.
The regular price is $499 – YOU SAVE $100.

Don’t wait.  This sale ends Friday, June 18.

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Make this your best year EVER in kid’s ministry.

& The Super Church Team

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