What I learned From Slipping on Ice

I live in Minnesota, it is an accepted fact that snow and ice are a part of life during the winter months.

Sunday, I was getting out of my car at church and in my impatience to escape the bitter cold and start preparing for service…

I fell flat on my face on a patch of ice… OUCH!

As I reflect on this painful experience it got me thinking about spiritual growth in Children’s Ministry.

Kids are going to slip and fall, it’s a part of life.

It’s just as important what happens after the fall…

Getting up!

Spiritually kids are going to fall a few times and we want their foundation to be God’s Word, so they get up again to continue running the race God has for their life.

As Children’s pastors we want our kids to have a solid foundation in God’s Word and to know who they are in Christ.

This is why we developed our 12 week series GROW UP 2.0

Here’s the first six lessons:

Lesson 1: Don’t be a Baby

Lesson 2: Born Again

Lesson 3: Read the Bible

Lesson 4: Do What the Bible Says

Lesson 5: Guard Your Heart

Lesson 6: Pray Everyday

This is the results in Julie Bay’s Children’s Ministry…

“Grow Up 2.0 was excellent! It challenged the middle school age kids in my class to grow up spiritually and challenged me as their teacher…”

Get yours today!

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