What Is Kinder Church 2.0?

Kinder Church 2.0 is designed from the ground up to effectively teach your preschoolers the Word of God. You get the same depth of teaching, great object lessons and humorous drama skits that are synonymous with the Super Church brand. And Kinder Church 2.0 comes with engaging multimedia videos that will grab the attention of your preschoolers. Your kids will be on the edge of their seats as they watch the Adventures of James & Andi Motion Comic.

Kinder Church 2.0 is composed of five segments.

1. Let’s Play!

“What do I do before service?” Whether you have been in children’s ministry for only a short while or a seasoned veteran this question has crossed your mind! 

2. Let’s Listen!

This is the Large Group portion of the Kinder Church 2.0 curriculum. It has been carefully crafted to keep your Preschoolers attention while teaching them the deep things of God’s Word in a way they can understand.

3. Let’s Live It!

This is the Small Group/Learning Centers of the Kinder Church 2.0 curriculum. Preschoolers love to explore and visually learn, so Let’s Live It! has five exciting object lessons that get the kids involved and gives them a real life application.

4. At Home

The time at home is just as important to us as the lesson time at church. We have created an entire curriculum for home discipleship called At Home. This will be a resource you can give to your parents that describes what they learned in the lesson that week, but more importantly has ways to incorporate what their child is learning through daily activities.

5. Social Media Plan

In today’s society it is important to embrace the current trends and technologies available. We understand families are on the go and people are engaging through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest on a daily basis. The Social Media Plan helps you become a part of the daily conversation with content you can share with your families on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


James and Andi are preschoolers who take on adventure every week and it is tied to the lesson you are teaching.

Bundles are 12-week curriculum on the same topic for Kinder Church (preschool) and Super Church (elementary) .  This is designed so you can teach your preschoolers and elementary aged children the same lesson with same Bible verse and Bible Story. 

So there you have it – Kinder Church 2.0.


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