Who wants to be a Leader?

Inter-active OBJECT lesson

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Being a leader is making smart decisions, being proactive, and doing things without being told. This object lesson is going to teach the kids in your class to not just sit there, but to start doing things!

WHAT YOU NEED: A swivel office chair.


  • Pick one contestant to play the game
  • Have the contestant sit in the chair (up as high as it will go) and answer the Who Wants To Be A Leader questions, in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire style.
  • The answers have (*) at the end.

SPIRITUAL APPLICATION: Leadership involves thinking like a leader. When presented with a choice you can choose to take the lazy route or the proactive path. Being a leader involves hard work. It is not just bossing other people around. It is choosing the best direction to take. Many times people think that being a leader is a title and everyone else does the work. A leader starts early, finishes late and takes responsibility for the job.

Who Wants To Be A Leader Questions To Ask:

1. After dinner do you…

A. Ask for permission to leave the table and push your chair in.

B. Run to the bathroom before anyone else.

C. Throw the trash away and put the dishes in the dishwasher. (*)


2. After basketball practice, the coach has to talk to a mom, and everyone runs off to get their jackets and leave. What do you do?

A. Go get your coat your mom is waiting.

B. Gather the basketballs and put the away. (*)

C. Wait for the Coach to finish talking with the mom, so you can ask him what he wants you to do


3. You notice your Mom is running behind in the morning because her alarm didn’t go off, so you…

A. Make you and your brothers lunch and help him get ready. (*)

B. Complain about how late you are going to be.

C. Get your coat on and sit in the car waiting for her to get your lunch ready.


4. Your Dad is an usher at church. You have to get to church early too, so while you wait for the church to start you…

A. Go outside and play.

B. Sit in the back of the sanctuary and play your video game so you are not bothering anyone.

C. Go to children’s church and see if there is anything you can help with. (*)


5. You are in class and you realize that there is a substitute teacher. The kids sitting around you all start talking and changing seats. What do you do?

A. Ignore the kids and try to focus on what the teacher is saying.

B. Join in with the kids, no one wants to be left out.

C. Tell them to be quiet and listen to the teacher. (*)



This Object Lesson is taken from Super Church 2.0 Leadership.

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