Why is it so hard to find a kids lesson on Water Baptism?

I find that most churches do not teach kids about water baptism.

This is a big mistake.

I was consulting with a church and the leadership was planning a Water Baptism service and they mentioned that they had never baptized kids in water.

“How come?” I asked.

The response was, “We are not sure that kids understand what Water Baptism is all about.”

I quickly responded with, “If the question is understanding, then why not teach on it?”

See, I find that if you teach kids about stuff in the Bible that they get understanding. In fact, they generally pick up things quicker than their parents do.

I was able to convince the church leadership to give it a try and they baptized 40 kids at their church picnic!

The reason that Water Baptism is so important is that Christ set the example for us and He told us to be baptized in water. He also told us to baptize those who receive Christ. It’s part of the Great Commission.

If Jesus told us to do something, then by all means tell the kids in your class and give them an opportunity to obey the Words of Christ.

In other words, teach your kids about Water Baptism, but don’t stop there. Give them an opportunity to be baptized in water.

Any time you can get kids to obey the words of Christ it’s a big win!

Obviously, you want to get parent’s permission to baptize kids. That’s a win too as you are getting parents talking to their children about obeying the words of Christ.

Maybe you are thinking, “I have never taught kids on Water Baptism. How do you do it?’

We’ve got you covered. I have written a powerful lesson on Water Baptism in the The Core 2.0 curriculum. Not only does it cover Water Baptism, but it covers all the other important stuff you need to teach your kids.

Here are some of the lesson titles:

  • Jesus is God’s Son
  • Jesus Rose From The Dead
  • The New Birth
  • Water Baptism
  • Communion
  • Hook Up With A Church
  • The Holy Spirit Empowers Us

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This is Andi my 7-year-old granddaughter. 

She was Water Baptized – July 25, 2021. 

Debbie and I were so blessed to watch this monumental event for her. 

She was so excited to take this step in walk with Jesus.

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