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Christmas Coloring Page

Christmas is literally days away! How did that even happen? I feel like I am always surprised how fast Christmas will sneak up. At Super Church, we want to help you. So, here is a FREE Christmas Coloring page! Download here:  Christmas Coloring Page   P.S. We also have a short film that is perfect for […]


The other day, as I was rushing from work to pick up my kids on time from Daycare, I was complaining to God. I was late, and I still didn’t finish everything I needed to at work. I asked Him, “Why is it so dang hard to balance all of the things in life; parenting, […]

Gifts for your Volunteers at Christmas

I love gifts! I love getting gifts, I love giving gifts. Giving is my love language for sure! That is why I love having a chance to give gifts to people. Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines day, Presidents Day. Maybe not that last one. But I love giving gifts to people. And they do not need to […]

Movie Review: The Star

Last Saturday I took my two kids to see The Star. Honestly, I loved this movie! It was funny, it had me and both of my girls laughing. It was well done. Does it line up perfectly with the Bible account of how our Savior was born? Not exactly, but it is a retelling of […]

A New Assignment for Mark & Debbie

Sometimes you take a step and it’s not right, so you make adjustments and go another direction. This is what happened with the Apostle Paul on his second missionary journey. Paul and Silas headed to Asia, but the Holy Spirit forbid them to preach in Asia. Then Paul and Silas went to the province of Bithynia, and […]

5 Things You Can Do Today to Make Sunday Easier

Sunday Mornings. They are game day for us KidMin folk. Growing up, I loved Sunday mornings. I could sleep in. My school started at 7:50AM, so I had to get up early. But on Sunday mornings I could sleep in a little. There was no traffic on Sunday Mornings. They were so chill. Somehow between […]