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5 Reasons Why It’s A Good Thing You Are Bi-Vocational

You see them at conferences, or on the forums. The person who dreads the question, “So where are you pastoring at?” Followed immediately by “Oh are you part time or full time?” And this person, without fail, looks down at their shoes, shuffling their feet and says quietly, “Oh, well, it’s still a church plant” […]

Ask These 10 Questions Before Accepting a New Ministry Position.

In 16 years as a full-time children’s pastor, I have done some interviewing in my time, and I have also interviewed many potential staff members.  Along the way, I have compiled a list of some of the most important questions- essential questions- to ask very early on in the interview process. Admittedly, these questions are […]

What Do Kids Really Need Before Moving Into Student Ministries?

  EXCERPT from the newly released book “Your Children’s Ministry Beyond Basics” (Amazon) How do we know that we have fully equipped a child spiritually to go into youth group? What is the goal? What does the fully discipled child look like? What does that child sound like? The answer to these questions should guide […]