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The Candle of The Lord – Object Lesson

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 20:27 Take Home Point: God will guide us through our spirit. What You Need: 1 large candle and 1 package of matches. Object Lesson Application: The Bible says that the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord. What does that mean? That means God will enlighten us or guide us […]

Kids Don’t Receive A Junior Holy Spirit

When a children receive Christ, they Holy Spirit comes to live inside of them. Kids don’t get a junior Holy Spirit. They get the same Holy Spirit that you and I get. Why does the Holy Spirit come to live in us? To lead and to empower us for ministry. If I could do my […]

3 Things You Need To Know About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. So… What is it and why should you care about it? What Pokemon Go is… Pokemon Go is a video game for smartphones that uses augmented reality to transform the surrounding area a player is located at into a Pokemon world. So, why should you care about […]

Can Kids Help You Grow Your Church?

Can kids help you grow your church? Absolutely! Kids are a big part of growing a church. The church growth people tell us that kids are one of the top three reasons why people choose a church. #1 is the pastor #2 is worship #3 is the kid’s ministry I discovered this early on in […]

What my kids taught me about faith!

  I remember the first time I taught my kids about faith. During the first lesson I asked my kids what they were using their faith to believe God for to come to pass in their life. I got the usual responses, I’m believing for a… “iPod”, “Xbox One”, and “Puppy”; however, the response I […]

What Do Kids Really Need Before Moving Into Student Ministries?

  EXCERPT from the newly released book “Your Children’s Ministry Beyond Basics” (Amazon) How do we know that we have fully equipped a child spiritually to go into youth group? What is the goal? What does the fully discipled child look like? What does that child sound like? The answer to these questions should guide […]

Holy Spirit – 5 Sunday School Lessons For Your KidMin

  5 Sunday School Lessons On The Holy Spirit It’s important to talk to kids about the Holy Spirit. Our kids need to know the Holy Spirit is real, powerful, and that He comes to live inside when we ask Jesus Christ into our hearts. This week I’ll be sharing five of my favorite sermons […]

My Top Seven KidMin Sermons

Here is a list of my favorite illustrated sermons for kids. Sword of the Spirit – Hebrews 4:12 Purchase a real machete and some apples. Use the apples to represent temptation. Throw the apples in the air and slice them with the machete. Be careful to slice the apples away from the kids. Control Your […]