100% Organic Curriculum!

One parenting craze that, as a mom with toddlers, I am noticing is healthy, organic, food.

Take a stroll down any grocery store or baby food aisle.

“Organic”, “All Natural”, “Gluten Free”, are just some of the words that jump out at you.

As a parent of a three-year-old, I try steer my own daughter towards healthier food choices.

As much as she disagrees with me, a toddler cannot live off fruit snacks alone.

That is when I stumbled upon veggie straws. I thought I was being super mom, by finding something that my daughter likes to eat and is also healthy! Yay me!

A couple of weeks ago, I looked at the ingredients. I had been duped! The supposed ‘veggie’ straws are essentially potato chips, with spinach powder and tomato puree. The powder and puree are there to basically change the color of the potato to make them look like veggies.

I felt like someone had come up to me and ripped my super mom hat right off my head. Here I was thinking I was giving my daughter healthy options, and it was basically potato chips.

This has made me think about kid’s spiritual nutrition.

Are they coming to church, thinking they are getting the Bible, but just getting Biblical potato chips?

Kids can grasp the big things of God!

If we are only teaching our kids moral behaviors or what they should be doing right, they will not understand the why of it.

For example, if we are only teaching Johnny that he should be nice to his neighbor because it will make Jesus happy, we are not allowing Jesus to change Johnny’s heart. Father God works through people. There is a responsibility that Johnny has to Father God and to his neighbor. Why are we supposed to be nice? Because God cares about everyone.

Have you ever had a friend that had another friend that they talked about all the time? So annoying, right?

Instead of just talking about Jesus, let’s introduce our kids to Jesus, and let Him make a heart change in them. The great thing is if we begin when they are children, it will stay with them through their teen years and into adulthood.

Super Church 2.0 was written with this in mind. We want them to meet Jesus. We use deep Bible verses, but explain it in a way that they can understand.

Here are some things that we at Super Church want kids to know:

  • Kids can hear and understand the Gospel
  • Kids can receive Christ
  • Kids can grow strong in God
  • Kids can be empowered by the Holy Spirit
  • Kids can step up and be leaders in an ungodly world.

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