Don’t Pop the Bubble – Object Lesson

PROPS NEEDED: Piece of bubble gum for each child.

  • Have the children stand up in a circle and have a bubble gum blowing contest.
  • Pick the 2 with the biggest bubbles. Have a second contest (between your 2 still standing).
  • Explain that this time you want them to blow the biggest bubble they can, but the trick is they can’t let it pop.point to Make:
  • Explain that bubble gum can be like ANGER.
  • We all chewed gum, and all of us have been angry at times.
  • There is nothing wrong with being angry; anger becomes a sin when we don’t control it.
  • The Bible tells us to use “self-control”; which means we choose not to explode in anger. Some people yell, hit and throw things when they are angry; it’s like when they get really angry they just “pop” and do things they shouldn’t.
  • When a bubble gum bubble gets too big it will pop. When anger gets too big in you – you “pop”.
  • The contest is like life- it’s ok to get angry, just don’t let it pop!


• Decide that next time you get angry you’re not going to “pop!”

• Talk about if you get angry how do you deal with it and not “pop.”

  • Go into another room, remove yourself from the situation.
  • Have a scripture handy.
  • Talk to your parents.

Questions to ask:

1. What kinds of things make you angry?

2. How do you act when you are angry?

3. Do you think God thinks it’s ok for you to feel angry?

4. How does God want us to react when we are angry?

This Object Lesson is taken from the small group portion of Agape. Having a small group time, where kids can sit and engage is so important to any lesson. These object lessons are designed to help the kids that learn by doing. There are several different ways that kids learn, and this is one of them.

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