1st Step To Grow Spiritually

The first step in growing up spiritually is to be born again.  It is never to early to start teaching kids this important first step in spiritual growth.

You can’t grow spiritually until you have been born spiritually.  Once you are born again, you are what the Bible calls a baby Christian.  It’s good that you are born again, but that is not the end.   It is just the beginning of an exciting new life in Christ.

How do you get born again?  

According to Romans 10:9 you must do two things in order to be born again. 

•  First, you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead.

•  Second you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord.

We are new creatures in Christ.

Once you are born again then you become a new creature in Christ.  Old things are passed away all things have become new.  You still have the same body, but on the inside you are a new person. 

You get a fresh new start.  You have been born again.  This new man will begin to have an effect on your behavior.  The apostle Paul had a dramatic change when he became a Christian and you will too.

Bringing It Home

After dinner have the kids help you wash the dishes. Talk about how the pots, pans and dishes become dirty and must be washed clean before you can use them again. When we become born again, Jesus cleans our heart of all sin.  It is washed away like it wasn’t there.

You can continue by asking simple questions like this?

  • To grow up spiritually what must we do? (be born again)
  • All you have to do to become a Christian is wear nice clothes to church and carry a Bible. (false, you must be born again)
  • When we become a Christian what changes? (our heart)
  • How do you pray the prayer of salvation? (believe that God raised Jesus from the dead, confess that Jesus is Lord)

We’ve created a curriculum teaching kids how they can grow spiritually. It takes them from the “baby” stage to the steps they can take for life-long spiritual growth.

It’s called Super Church 2.0 – Grow and it’s a 12-week curriculum that is only $149.

The great thing is that you can also teach this to your preschoolers. The lessons coincide so preschool kids and elementary kids go home with the same Bible story and main point.

Both Kinder Church 2.0 and Super Church 2.0 have devotional take home pieces for parents.

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Mark Harper

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