How To Lead Leaders

It’s one thing to lead followers and another thing to lead leaders. Followers are people who want to follow. They don’t really want to make decisions. They want someone to tell them what to do and they will do it.

Leaders are people who want to lead. These are people who think for themselves. They have opinions that are different than yours. They don’t really want to follow. They want to be the leader.

You might ask:

  • “How do I get people to follow me who would rather be the leader?”
  • “Why should I try to get people to follow me who don’t really want to follow?”

These are great questions. 

But remember this important thing, followers are great at getting things done, but you will reach more people if you focus your time and energy on leading leaders.

There are risks in trying to lead leaders, but if you want to grow as a leader, you have to increase your influence with other leaders.

You can increase your influence by seeing yourself as a resource to your leaders.

You begin by praying and asking God to show you who your leaders are, if you don’t already know.

Then, begin a conversation with them. 

  • What ideas do they have?
  • Do they have a desire to do something that is not already being done?
  • How can you strengthen them?
  • Do they need supplies or encouragement?

There have been times, that I saw a need in my area of ministry, but was unable to focus or even give attention to it.  But there would be someone else who saw the same need and stepped into that leadership area.  In fact, to be honest, what they brought was much more than I could have given. 

By my listening, encouraging and supporting someone else, I was able to coach and lead a leader.

Yes, your leaders are there to help you, but you are also there to help them.

What is something that you have done to lead your leaders?

Mark Harper

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