4 Sunday School Lessons On Core Beliefs

Today, I am going to share with you 4 of my favorite Sunday School Lessons on Core Beliefs for Christians.

Core beliefs are important because they set our foundation and help us to defend our faith when people question why we believe in God.

It is so important that I make sure I talk about core beliefs and fundamentals each year in my KidMin.

One thing I do in my KidMin and I hope you are too is I make sure to use TONS of props and object lessons.

These help the kids visualize what I am teaching and it definitely drives home the message.

Take a few minutes to watch the video above and then browse the object lessons I talk about below.

We believe core beliefs and fundamentals are such an important topic that we’ve developed an entire 12 week curriculum on the subject and these 4 object lessons are found in it!


While you’re here you might as well swipe these great object lessons I talked about today!

#1 Created In His Image

What you’ll learn: Man was created in the image of God.

What You Need: 4 jars of play-dough, 4 volunteers

Scripture Reference: Genesis 1:27, “God created man in His image….”(NIV)


• Each volunteer has a jar of play-dough.

• Five minute time period.

• Race to see who finishes making image first.

• Goal: They will mold and create an image resembling you, the Teacher.

• Winner: The child with the play-dough image that looks most like you.

Spiritual Application:

Wow! These creations are awesome, of course they are all of me. But isn’t it interesting how they all look different, but are of me.

They are the image that the sculptor created.

You know boys and girls, you and I were created by God. He formed us and molded us in His image.

The Bibles tells us that we were handcrafted in His image.

The Father God created the sun, moon, stars, water, earth and all of the animals, but He wasn’t done until He created man.

He created man to fellowship with and He created the earth for man to have a place to enjoy.

So, when you look at one another, there is God’s creation for friendship.

When you look at the sunsets, or mountains, rivers or oceans, those were created for you to enjoy.

#2 Don’t Be A Chicken

What You’ll Learn: The Holy Spirit will help you tell others about Jesus.

What You Need: Rubber Chicken

Scripture Reference: Acts 1:8, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes

on you: and you will be my witnesses…..” (NIV)

Object Lesson Application:

(Put the rubber chicken inside of a buttoned suit coat or shirt, so the kids can see part of it sticking out.)

Before you are filled with the Holy Spirit you don’t have the power you need to be an effective witness.

Your heart might deal with you to tell someone about Jesus, but then you are too chicken.

Have any of you ever been “chicken” or afraid to witness for Jesus?

(Walk around the class with the chicken, making a “chicken” noise, acting like you are afraid to tell them about Jesus.)

Share with the boys and girls your story of how you were filled with the Holy Spirit.

(Throw the rubber chicken across the room.)

The Holy Ghost will empower us and make us bold to be a witness for Jesus.

He will show us who to talk to and give us the words to say.

Boys and girls, the Holy Ghost will take the chicken out of you.

Now is a great time to give an altar call for the Holy Spirit for anyone who wants to lose their “chicken.”

#3 Untangle It

What you’ll learn: Sin Makes a Mess

What You Need: 4 baseball size wads of duct tape, timer and 4 volunteers

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 5:21-23, “Mark well that God doesn’t miss a move you make; He’s aware of every step you take. The shadow of your sin will overtake you; you’ll find yourself stumbling all over yourself in the dark. Death is the reward of an undisciplined life; your foolish decisions trap you in a dead end.” (The Message)


• Each volunteer gets a wad of duct tape.

• Have time set for 3 minutes.

• Each volunteer works at unraveling duct tape

• Goal: Be first to unravel wad of tape.

Spiritual Application:

As we have watched our friends here work at unraveling the duct tape, they were having a hard time.

This reminds me of something else.

Just as this duct tape was messy and hard to unravel, sin is exactly the same way.

Sin is impossible to untangle without the help of Jesus.

Sin will make a mess of your life and leave you trapped.

Even if you did get the duct tape unraveled it would be useless to use.

Sin is the same way, it has consequences and will leave its mark if left un-repented.

There is a reason that God hates sin, because it can have harmful and devastating effects on us.

I am sure that at the beginning, we all thought, “How hard can that be, to unravel the tape?” But as we saw, it is difficult.

Sometimes we may think that cheating or lying (or my little sin) really won’t hurt anybody.

But it does. The best thing is to stay away from sin, or if you find yourself trying to unravel sin in your life — ask Jesus to help you.

#4 Assembling Together

What You’ll Learn: Get involved in ministry at your church

What You Need :  2 (balsam wood) model airplanes (find at a hobby shop)

Preparation: Assemble one of the airplanes, Open up the second airplane but do not assemble it.

Scripture Reference: Hebrews 10:25, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together.” (KJV)

Object Lesson Application:

(Hold up airplanes.)

I have two model airplanes. This one is “assembled” and this one is “not assembled.”

(Put the “unassembled” one on a chair.)

Now this airplane is sitting on a chair in church, but it is not assembled.

If I try to fly this airplane it is not going to go very far.

(Pick up the “unassembled” airplane and try to fly the plane by throwing the pieces.)

When I throw this other plane, it will go somewhere.

(Throw the “assembled” plane, then pick up both planes.)

What is the difference between these two planes?

One is assembled. All of the pieces are doing something. This one is “not assembled.” The pieces are not working together to make the plane work.

When the Bible tells us to “not forsake our assembling together,” it does not mean to go to church and sit in chairs.

God wants you to do something. He wants you to get involved in serving others.

Yes, go to church, but don’t just sit there.

Do something.

Get involved in ministry.

That’s it!, I’ve given you 4 great Sunday School Lessons that will teach your kids on about core beliefs and fundamentals of Christianity!

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